Who isGeneration Rescue?

We're a national non-profit organization providing immediate treatment assistance, information and hope to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.



Hope is eternal. Learn the steps to improve the quality of life for an individual with autism.

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370,000 babies are born each day. Explore prenatal questions to ask, early signs to look for and doctors that can help.

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Rescue Grant

Treatment can change a child’s life. Apply for a medical treatment grant today.

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Answers from the Experts

17 Apr 2014

"The eczema is GONE" thanks to revitaPOP!

  Oliver has been plagued nearly non-stop with eczema all over his trunk for more than a year. With the help of steroid creams we had been able to ke... more

15 Apr 2014

Combating Allergies

Another big issue I deal with in our clinic is allergies.  So, let’s start out with a very brief and simple explanation of what an allergy is.  An... more

10 Apr 2014

"Great Reduction in Viruses" Following Bioray

"My son's immune system seems to be stronger than ever. His brother gets sick very often and Atticus would usually catch something from him. Since sta... more

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