5 Audiobooks to Listen To Over the Holiday Break

School’s out and work is closing for the holidays! With holiday travels, downtime during the commute, prepping for the parties, and gift shopping, it’s always nice to squeeze in a good book. But with our busy schedules, who has the energy (or the time) to read? Sit back and enjoy an audiobook! When you sign up for free trial through Generation Rescue, your first book is FREE! Need help picking? We’ve put together a list our top 5 recommended reads for the holiday break. Whether you need a laugh, a little health-development, an uplifting read, or we’ve got you covered!

Audible Stirring Pot

1. Stirring the Pot by Jenny McCarthy 

You’ve read every autism book under the sun. Why not enjoy the holiday break with a fun read that’s sure to make you giggle. Jenny’s Stirring the Pot will do just that – and then some!


Audible Brain Maker

2. Brain Maker by David Perlmutter, M.D. 

It’s a holiday break, but you still want to keep your brain sharp, while also keeping an eye on what you eat over the next few weeks. A good read is Dr. Perlmutter’s Brain Maker, which goes in-depth about the gut-brain connection and how to repair your digestive tract without doing more damage. Perlmutter is surely a favorite here at the GR office!


Audible Autoimmune Solution

3. The AutoImmune Solution by Amy Myers, M.D. 

She was our Keynote Presenter at the Autism Education Summit and if you weren’t able to catch her session then, you’ll want to listen to The Autoimmune Solution to find the right protocol for your family’s autoimmune issues. Another great educational read for the Mommy Warrior that wants to stay on top of her game!


Audible Healing Preventing

4. Healing & Preventing Autism by Jerry Kartzinel, M.D. 

Always a classic for newbies to biomedical treatment. Dr. Jerry and Jenny have put together a detailed, easy-to-digest guide to healing autism. Healing & Preventing Autism also has helpful diet info that’ll help make it through the holidays!


Audible Shot of Hope

5. A Shot of Hope by Zack Peter 

Get inside the mind of an autism sibling. A Shot of Hope is a funny, inspiring read from a young warrior fighting for his younger brother with autism. It’s relatable and enjoyable enough to give you a nice laugh  when tension rises. There’s even a chapter about surviving the holidays with the family!


BONUS READ: You can never go wrong with a classic like Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Story!


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What books will you be listening to over the holidays? Leave a comment below or tweet us @GenRescue! #ChatAutism


Photo Credit: Jake Bouma/Flickr

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