5 Money Saving Tips for Supplement & Specialty Foods

Bio-medical intervention can be expensive. Especially in the beginning of treatment. Paying for consultations, first sets of labs, and buying what looks like a stock pile of supplements, can add up pretty quickly. But the changes we see in our children always make it worth it, and justifies the expense.

In the past two years of bio-medical intervention with my son Anthony (whom has recovered from an Autism Spectrum Disorder), I’ve learned a few tricks to saving money. In this post, I will be focusing on sales & coupons, and where you can find them.

Below I have listed my “5 Tips” for Supplement/Specialty food savings:


When you find out what brands of supplements your doctor recommends, subscribe to the brands website e-mail newsletter. Companies send out weekly/monthly newsletters, and sometimes they are having sales on the items you need. For Example, Kirkman kirkmanlabs.com just had a 50% off sale on their Super Nu-thera multi-vitamin. A twenty-five dollar savings! Kirkman did not advertise this on their website. So unless you are subscribed, you would never know.

Also join their facebook/twitter pages. Sometimes they have contests or offer coupons to a certain amount of people that reply to their posts. For instance, last week Enzymedica was giving away a FREE bottle of enzymes up to a $69.98 retail value! All you had to do was like their page and participate in a fun contest they were running.


There are websites that sell multiple brands of supplements. One of my favorites is Spectrum Supplements. They sell numerous brands, have great prices, and offer FREE shipping! You can also earn reward points, that will act as a coupon for later purchases. I love them because I can literally get on my computer, order all the supplements I need from the same place, not pay for shipping, and rack up reward points. It’s a WIN WIN situation!


This not only applies to supplements, but also for specialty food items that are a bit pricey. Try e-mailing the companies or give them a call. Let them know you love their brand! Sometimes they will send you a coupon in return, or a free sample of another product. You can also apply Tip 1 to this too. If you find a company that offers a product you love, subscribe to their newsletter and facebook/twitter pages. Chances are, they will be offering hidden sales as well.


Most of your average coupon sites don’t cater to our supplement/allergy friendly food needs.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find coupons out there. That is where Google Comes in! If you have a specific item you need, simply type the name of it into the search box with the word “coupon.”  Most likely, you will find a link to an available coupon. It’s that simple!


Our local health food store, Lassen’s is wonderful. They carry many specialty food brands and supplements. And being this is what their store specializes in, they sell the products at a lower cost than the major grocery store chains.

Another great aspect of visiting your local health food store, is many will order specific items you request.  For example, my local Lassen’s did not carry Ian’s products (which my son loves!).  I spoke with the manager, and they had no problem fulfilling my request.

I hope this post will be of great benefit to all the Warrior Parents out there trying to save some money.  Be on the look out for more tips from the “Bio-Med On A Budget” series.



Kimberly Ruckman is the author of the blog BioMed Heals which chronicles her son’s complete recovery from an autism spectrum disorder via biomedical intervention. She is married, has two children, and volunteers her time as a Grant Mentor for Generation Rescue. You can follow her on Twitter @biomedheals or Facebook/biomedheals.

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