5 Ways to Reduce Your EMF Exposure

Reduce EMF Exposure Wifi for Autism

We recently chatted with Peter Sullivan, an expert in EMF exposure and its impact on our environment, especially amongst individuals with autism. See below Peter’s top tips for reducing your toxic exposure to electromagnetic fields. Read all about why this should be on your radar here.

5 Tips to Minimize Your EMF Exposure

Tip 1: The first area to start to reduce EMF exposure is the bedroom, in order to improve sleep.


Tip 2: Wireless baby monitors should not be used, as they are a constant source of wireless signals and are usually located very close to the baby’s head.


Tip 3: Older children should not have a smartphone, iPad, or Tablet on the nightstand next to the bed or even in the bedroom. Most of the devices will be sending out signals periodically throughout the night, signals shown to reduce healthy melatonin levels and disrupt sleep.


Tip 4: If you have a landline and a cordless phone in the home, turn off the base station (the larger unit that usually has the answering machine built into into it). That unit is a source of constant wireless signals, even when the phone is not being used. At a minimum, turn it off at night (you can put it on a light timer), and consider replacing it with a corded phone.    


Tip 5: Turn your Wi-Fi router off at night. Even when the Wi-Fi is not being used, it’s sending out a beaconing signal about 10 times a second.


In many cases, just following some or all of these simple tips will yield noticeable improvements in a few days. Hopefully, these results will inspire you to continue to reduce exposures during the day, as well.


Reference: The Emerging Link between Wireless and Autism

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