6-Year-Old With Autism Shares First Words with Santa

6-Year-Old With Autism is Excited to See Santa

After years of being uncomfortable or frightened, a warrior mom participating in the Rescue Family Grant Program was shocked that her 6-year-old son with autism was excited to see Santa.

“William has always been interested in Santa but when we would go see Santa, he just couldn’t handle it – refused to speak or look in Santa’s direction and would start to cry.

We also always had to hold him. Last year we even went to great lengths to take a Santa train ride and have a private appointment with Santa in his train coach. That didn’t even work.

This year it all changed. I know this sounds dramatic, but it felt like an early holiday miracle!

When it was time for Santa to arrive, he did so on a firetruck lit up with Christmas lights. I told Will we needed to line the street to greet him. He got so excited, but I held my breath.

Santa’s Christmas Firetruck stopped in front of us and Santa climbed down the ladder and came right over to us. Will looked Santa in the eyes and said ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Thank You’ when Santa handed him a candy cane. Will also chased down Olaf the snowman and gave him hugs and danced with him!

We waited for most of the kids to have their time with Santa and then I asked Will if he would like to sit with Santa and tell him what he wanted for Christmas. He started jumping up and down and said ‘Yes!’ I honestly had a mini panic attack remembering all the past experiences.

Will patiently waited for two other children in line before him. After they were done my husband and I kneeled down and said ‘you can just wave if you want.’

Will said, ‘No, I need to sit with Santa!’ And he ran over and my husband and Santa helped him up onto the arm of the chair. Will sat there in disbelief staring at Santa with the biggest grin.

Santa asked a few time what he wanted for presents. Will just kept repeating ‘I’m sitting with Santa!!’ Finally, my husband took a step forwards and whispered in Will’s ear and said ‘tell Santa what you want.’ He told Santa that he wants more trains.

He jumped off the chair, said ‘bye Santa’ and walked away talking about how ‘he sat with Santa’ and ‘Santa knows what he wants now.’

My husband had a huge smile on his face, I had tears rolling down my face and Will was so happy and proud of himself.

It was an amazing experience for us as a family. I have no idea why now… why all of a sudden? Could this be from the GFCF diet and supplements? Nothing else has changed!

Will is coming out of his shell more! He is expressing himself more which is bringing a more defiant mood/behavior but the flip side is that he is enjoying events and he is asking to try new things, like riding a children’s rollercoaster! 😳

It’s amazing!! ❤️”

– Catherine

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