A New Year for Generation Rescue

With each New Year come resolutions and fads that may or may not stick around long enough to see the desired outcome. One chance that is given each year and particularly each day is the chance for change. This year, at Generation Rescue, we are embarking on a year of strategic change.

As Socrates so eloquently states: 


Since our inception in 2005, we have been a resource for families to learn about effective treatment options, connect with families on this journey and created a world wide conversation around vaccines with the slogan  “Too Many Too Soon.” 

In addition, over the years we have become the first place of help for newly diagnosed families, whether it’s been through one of Jenny McCarthy’s books, our toll free hotline, our web site or our grant program. 

In staying true to our fabric, Generation Rescue will prioritize and increase capacity in the following areas over the coming year: 

Direct Services – to provide medical treatment grants to families in need and qualified, experienced and educated parent mentors 

Research – to conduct peer reviewed research to prove/disprove the effectiveness of alternative therapies 

Community Building – to build an international network of valuable organizations, companies, physicians and resources that are trusted for parents and particularly young adults with autism 

While you may not see us at some of the traditional biomedical conferences this year, know that we are focused on building our community by casting the net wider and deeper. We will be at the following expos and conferences over the coming year: Generation Rescue Events

In helping us accomplish our overall goal of providing value to autism families like yours the following organizations and companies are by our side:

Interested in joining us this year? Email me for further information. 

What exciting changes or new prirorities are you making in 2014?

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or simply leave a comment. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful New Year. 

Warm Regards, 

  Candace McDonald

  Executive Director 

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