Amazing Progress Less Than a Month Into Autism Treatment!

Less than a month into the Rescue Family grant program, our kids are making amazing progress!


I was really pleased with how easily my son transitioned to the gfcf diet. The rest of the family has been on it all year, but Matthew is so sensitive to foods and has such a limited diet already that I was worried about pushing him to eliminate the wheat and dairy that made up 90% of the food he would eat. He’s been doing great though and has hardly made a fuss at all. He is discovering new foods that he can tolerate. Changing his diet so dramatically has allowed us to accidentally discover some other foods he’s reacting to as well. For instance, apples make him really tired and chocolate can turn him into a really angry child within a matter of minutes. He was angry a lot before so we wouldn’t have noticed the difference. Before the dietary changes, my son was the poster child for ADHD with a lot of hyperactivity. Now, he is calmer. Today was his birthday and we managed to make it a special day with lots of yummy treats, without any gluten, dairy, or chocolate. He just told me, “This has been a great day!”


– Angela, Mom to Matthew, Age 12




Michael has been gluten-free, casein-free and soy-free for about 2 months now and is doing amazing in all areas. His eye contact increases every day, he is beginning to reciprocate conversation, he doesn’t respond to me every time, but I can get a “yes” or “no” from him in response to a question. His meltdowns, toe walking, spinning and head banging behaviors are a lot less frequent. He is not having any more sleep disturbances, and his bowel movements are becoming more regular.  He is playing appropriately with toys, and being more affectionate. He is doing awesome! 


– Dana, Mom to Michael, Age 2



My son was completely nonverbal and I didn’t think he knew anything academically. However, in the past two weeks he’s been saying his alphabets and numbers. This is huge! 


– Sabrina, Mom to Keshawn, Age 3









The GFCF diet has dramatically changed Baby Michael in so many areas of life. He doesn’t have night disturbances anymore, the frequent ear infections and self- injurious behaviors are gone, toe-walking behaviors have almost disappeared. We have also seen increased awareness, eye contact and he is trying to be more verbal. The resources we have received in the grant program have made transitioning to the diet easier than I expected and the changes have been significant.


– Dana, Mom to Michael, Age 2


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