Bring Home an Autism Assistance Dog

Have you dreamed of bringing home an autism assistance dog for your family but feared that the cost would be unmanageable? Our friends at Dogs for the Deaf understand the special needs of families affected by autism.  With the exception of a $50.00 application fee, Dogs for the Deaf places Autism Assistance Dogs free of charge to qualified applicants. When an applicant has been approved to receive an Autism Assistance Dog and is ready to be placed on the waiting list, they require a $500.00 Good Faith deposit, which is returned after the person and the Autism Assistance Dog have been together for one year. Once the dog is placed with a person, the client is financially responsible for the on-going care of the dog.

Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to enhance the safety of children with autism by acting as an anchor and preventing the child from bolting into unsafe environments such as traffic, bodies of water, etc. Autism Assistance Dogs can also have a calming effect on the child and may improve the child’s willingness and ability to communicate and bond.




If you would like learn more and apply for a dog, please visit the Dogs for the Deaf website.









About Dogs for the Deaf

Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.’s mission is to rescue and professionally train dogs to help people and enhance lives, maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs we rescue and all people we serve.















This is Sadie, she is ready to love and care for your family.


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