Can Pokémon Go Help Kids with Autism?

Pokémon Go has taken over the gaming and social media world! Every news outlet from The Wall Street Journal to Forbes and the New York Times is talking about it. Most parents are left wondering, What is it? Pokémon Go is an “augmented reality” game users can play directly from their phones.

What’s so special about it? Not only is everyone playing it, but it’s getting kids out of the house and keeping them active.

How does this help my kid with autism? Funny you ask. With the game’s recent popularity, researchers are investigating how this may be more beneficial than just keeping kids active. Articles (like this one from The Mighty or this one from Gizmodo Australia) are reporting that the game can be very beneficial to our kiddos’ social skills.

The new game encourages kids, teens, and young adults to want to explore their surroundings and connect with other Pokémon fans to hunt down their favorite characters. Of course, in the case with many individuals on the spectrum, a game of this nature would require some monitoring from parents, which is why so many of our savvy Mommy Warriors have already started to investigate the game for themselves to stay on top of the trend and help their little warriors along the way!

What are your thoughts? Are your kids playing Pokémon Go? Do you see the potential benefit?

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Check out these ideas for parents and educators by one user with how to enhance social skills with Pokémon Go.

Image Source: Gabe Meline

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