Dietary Supplementation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Common, Insufficient, and Excessive

June 18, 2015

Goldilocks, oh Goldilocks, how much should you have? Is your porridge too hot? Is that bed too soft? And how…

Behavioral Problems… Could They Be Coming From Your Child’s Gut?

May 27, 2015

Studies show that the presence of unhealthy organisms or absence of beneficial microbiota changes the neurochemicals in the brain and…

Jenny’s Latest Obsession

May 14, 2015

Do you have any idea how excited I am to have discovered and now obsessively shop from the True Goods…

The Dark Side of Spring: Embarrassing Symptoms of High Histamine

May 5, 2015

There are common effects that some children experience when histamine are high, and that parents are reluctant to talk about. A…

Shannon Kenitz: How HBOT Saved My Daughter

April 23, 2015

Executive Director of the International Hyperbarics Association, Shannon Kenitz, stops by Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy and #NoFilter with…

Detox Your Home this Spring Cleaning Season!

April 22, 2015

The fine-print list of ingredients on personal care and household products can be daunting. How does a parent know which…

5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Dinners

March 30, 2015

The holidays always have a way of getting the best of us. It’s usually the treats we allow our temptations…

Hope for Autism Through Hyperbarics!

March 26, 2015

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is designed to boost the supply of oxygen to ischemic tissue or to diseased tissues that…

10 Basics for Discussing Sexuality with Teens & Adults with Autism

February 27, 2015

I think it is my right to hope for the love of a woman and the happiness of a home…

Stay Healthy with All-Natural Essential Oils

February 10, 2015

We stay dedicated to providing our families with some of the best resources to raise healthy children. We’re happy to…

Meet Our Newest Rescue Family Grant Sponsors

January 20, 2015

We are pleased to welcome the Autism Nutritional Research Center (ANRC) and Master Supplements into our Rescue Family Grant Program. …

The Basics of Supplementation

January 7, 2015

Mending Autism can be very complicated and the tackling of the subject of supplements for these children can prove to…

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