Dogs for the Deaf – Autism Assistance Program

The mission at Dogs for the Deaf is to help alleviate life’s dangers and frustrations by placing professionally trained dogs with children and adults who have various disabilities and challenges.

Dogs for the Deaf has recently begun a new, groundbreaking program to help children with autism.  Specially trained dogs – originally rescued from shelters – offer children on the autism spectrum a chance to bond and explore language through offering commands.  They also help keep the child safe by preventing bolting and running.

Nearly 1 in 88 children born today is on the autism spectrum; it is an issue that needs attention. With autism reaching epidemic proportions, chances are you know someone who would benefit from their services. If you or someone you know has a child on the autism spectrum, please tell them about the programs at Dogs for the Deaf. They want to help.

The dogs are rescued from shelters, specially trained by the staff, and placed with applicants all across the U.S. – free of charge.

In June, 2009, the first dually trained Autism Assistance/Hearing Dog (Ginger) was placed with a famiy in North Carolina.
















“I love our joyful connection. We understand each other and have a lot of non-verbal communication. She is a joy to have and brings smiles to me daily. She has great timing about her interactions with my autistic patients. Several parents marvel at how well their children interact with Ginger. We were doing a therapy session with one of my autistic a patient, a busy boy of 13. Ginger was curled up, sound asleep, as the session started. In the middle of our session, my patient decided he wanted to say, “Hi” to Ginger, and he bounced over to her quickly and bent down to pet her. She stayed curled up and hardly batted an eye. This is exactly the kind of grounding, anchored energy I needed to help my patient. She really offers our patients a wonderful healing energy.”

Danielle R. and Ginger, North Carolina


Learn More about how you can bring home an autism assistance dog from Dogs for the Deaf.

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