Eating Clean: A Family Affair

There is nothing like being 10,000 miles from home to truly make you appreciate what you take for granted on a daily basis. A huge part of my daily life revolves around ensuring that quality food is easily accessible for myself, Bodhi and Dave. I have a mental conversation with myself every day about what I am going to eat in the morning, have for lunch, and then what dinner will be for my family.


At Generation Rescue, at any given point there is some conversation going on about food, greens, and either how hungry we are post workout or how much we have indulged because we haven’t worked out. Or how we are so boring because we have the same snack every afternoon: rice cake with almond butter and 1/2 a cut-up banana on top with our favorite cup of Joe.


Since I’ve been GF/CF and primarily organic for almost 5 years, and my son is too by choice and therefore default for my husband, the natural progression to other types of clean eating was just a matter of time. When I first started GF/CF as a test to know what my brother would experience, I relied heavily on a local chef. The chef prepared lunch and dinners for 2 weeks. I didn’t know where to begin, but understood based on my readings and knowing myself, plus being 7.5 months pregnant, that we had to go cold turkey.  


I’m telling you all of this because nutrition, like everything else, has a learning curve. There is always an evolution and more to learn. Once my mind was set on going GF/CF I enlisted the resource guide by Julie Matthews, the blog A Smoothie Girl, and other autism organizations to help me navigate my way through the first six months.


Both Iain and I experienced all the common improvements — mental clarity, less colds and flus, and for Iain, true spontaneous engaged conversation about many topics. So, as we all progressed, it was natural that over the past year I decided to experiment with Paleo and other versions of “clean” living.


Here in Dubai organic fruits and vegetables are hard to come by. Every other day I do a market run to check what’s come in off the plane.


We are missing being in the fruit bowl of the world. I’m looking forward to getting back to my daily LA routine. 


My LA daily food plan looks something like this:

Breakfast – Tracy Anderson Wellness Shake – one scoop protein powder, ice cubes, water and flaxseeds. Strawberries when I’m feeling adventurous


Lunch – a salad of some sort. At the office we are hooked on a chicken salad sandwich type of salad. Chicken, parsley, red onions and veganaise chopped and mixed together on top of butter lettuce.


Dinner – if we are eating out it’s sushi, Mexican, or a local spot that has an amazing spaghetti squash with meatballs. At home, it’s chicken, fish or beef with vegetables. 


Candace McDonald

Executive Director

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