For Each Small Step Backwards, We Make Giant Leaps Forward

Wow! We can see the changes in our son Collin James happening right in front of us!

Physically, his hair is shinier, skin has more color, and the dark circles under his eyes have diminished. CJ’s posture is much better and he is actually starting to get some muscle tone. He doesn’t fall down nearly as much as he used to. His balance is so much better that simple tasks like walking up stairs and jumping up and down is no longer a challenge for him.

We are amazed with the progress over the past couple months. It’s like his body is finally getting the nutrition it has been deprived of all this time.  

Besides the physical changes, there have been major strides in his verbal communication, fine motor skills, awareness of his surroundings and listening to instruction. For the first time Collin said 2 word phrases like “boo boo mama,” and “clean up” at the appropriate time and not prompted. Vocally we are hearing so many more variations of sounds. He has always referred to “juice” as “ba ba” and actually said “juice” the other day. I was elated!

In addition to speech, his attention to task and independent play has increased. CJ sits on the floor looking through books and playing with his cars. In school he painted and colored without hand over hand assistance for the first time. At physical therapy he now tosses balls at a target and will throw a ball back and forth. His OT was so excited one day that she came out during the middle of his session to show us that he pulled a string from one end of a hallow block to the other. If it was just three months ago and you put these items in front of him he most likely would have pushed them off the table. His eye contact, even to strangers, has improved and for longer durations. CJ understands instruction and follows with the appropriate action, like when climbing on furniture and we tell him “no climbing get down” he looks at us and gets down. He would not have even acknowledged before.   

We have experienced a couple minor setbacks, but for small steps backwards we are making giant leaps forward. At times he has been more hyperactive and increased stimming behaviors. Some evenings he still gets up in the middle of the night, but not nearly as consistent as in the past.

I know in time as his body gets more balanced these setbacks will be no longer! For families that experience a few negative responses initially, I say don’t give up. The body needs time to adjust as it detoxes and gets used to the vitamins and nutrients actually being absorbed in their system.

I am so thankful to Generation Rescue for providing my family and so many other autistic families with a forum to share information and help find solutions to our children’s needs. I will continue to be a voice and pass on our experience and successes with biomedical treatments. I am so looking forward to the future and so proud of my son. Thank you for giving my family and Collin a light of hope. I will be forever grateful for this journey.

With Much Appreciation,
Heather Albert

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