#Give10 to Help Families with Autism!

How Can You Support? Get 10 to #Give10! 


Step 1 – Donate $10 at generationrescue.org.

Step 2 – Download a template below & post your #UNselfie to social media with hashtags  #Give10 #ChatAutism

Step 3 – Tag 10 of your friends asking them to take the challenge and Get 10 to #Give10! 

Step 4 – Celebrate helping a family with autism by downloading your supporter badge on social media


GT Christina

Today I gave $10 to support families with autism. I challenge @Mary @Mark @Peter @Alan @Stephanie @Jenny @Kelly @Ray @Todd @Joe to donate $10 at generationrescue.org & challenge 10 more friends to #Give10. #UNselfie #ChatAutism

#UNselfie Templates:



GR Sign Preview

Download Blank #Unselfie Sign

 Give10 Sign Preview

GR #Give10 Sign

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