Grant Update: My daughter thinks that Barleans’ Omega Swirl is a treat!

My daughter thinks that Barleans’ Omega Swirl is a treat. I’ve tried other fish oils that were stinky and a battle to take and did not produce the same results. Barleans totally rocks our world! My daughters’ expressive language shot up several grade levels in just two months. I didn’t realize how rudimentary her language was until trying this supplement. Now she is using popular expressions, slang, and sounds just like a 4th grader. An unexpected result is that her hair is shiny and almost tangle free. She was the kid with matted hair and didn’t want her head touched, she cried and had tantrums when I brushed her hair. I have previously tried every cream rinse and conditioner. Before trying Barleans, I didn’t understand that my daughter not have the nutrients she needed to nourish her brain and body.  Wow, what a wake up call.


– Mom to Bliss, Age 9 

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