Have a Happy Healthy Easter: Tips for Non-Toxic, GFCF Easter Fun

By Amy Hull Brown, HHP, NC, HC and Founder & Owner of WellAmy.com

Easter is just around the corner, and unfortunately, it can be a minefield for kids with autism. Most Easter treats are loaded with ingredients that are toxic for our kids – artificial dyes, gluten, casein and genetically modified (GMO) sugar. When I first started cleaning up my sons’ diet with healthier food alternatives, Easter became a holiday that I wanted to avoid. My childhood memories were filled with hours of decorating Easter eggs and waiting to see what treats the Easter bunny would bring me. I was afraid my sons wouldn’t get to have the same holiday experiences. Luckily, I found products that are non-toxic, safe for those on a GFCF Diet and that my kids love. Here are some of my favorite products to bring the fun and safety back to Easter for your family, too!

All-Natural Easter Egg Coloring Kit

Most traditional Easter egg coloring kits contain neurotoxic ingredients: Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 2, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. By contrast, Color Kitchen offers an all-natural, plant-based Easter egg coloring kit made from GFCF and GMO-free ingredients such as cabbage and radishes. Each kit contains four colors – yellow, orange, purple and blue, enough to make 1-2 dozen dye-free eggs.

GFCF Easter Basket Treat Ideas

I love these sweet treats to fill your child’s Easter basket:

  • Caramels: Typically made from milk, I found a great casein-free caramel product for our kids. JJ’s Sweets makes a line of caramels made from coconut milk in three kid-friendly flavors: original, vanilla, sea salt.
  • Chocolates: Many chocolates are made with milk and soy and some even include gluten. Two brands that offer chocolate bars and baking chips free of the top 8 allergens are Enjoy Life and Pascha.
  • Cookies: Pizzelle cookies are a popular Italian waffle cookie for Easter. Bella Lucia makes a variety of GFCF pizzelle cookies that the kids will love: chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Jelly Beans and Gummies: Surf Sweets offers a variety of GFCF jelly beans and gummies. Each comes in a 2.75 oz. bag, an ideal size for an Easter basket.
  • Fruit Leathers: Looking for a healthy snack alternative to sweet treats? Matt’s Munchies fruit leathers are organic, GFCF, non-GMO, and contain 2 servings of fruit per package in bite size portions.
  • Nail Polish & Lotions: Easter treats don’t have to be limited to just food. Other great treat ideas include non-toxic, GFCF, fun nail polishes and lotions from Keeki Pure & Simple and Piggy Paint.

Don’t let a GFCF Diet or autism stop your child from enjoying the fun of Easter!


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