He SPOKE! My little Bobby spoke!

HUGE victory yesterday with Bobby, he was in speech therapy which is clinic based, and his therapist said Bobby is the only child she’s ever had that has played productively in the gym on the equipment, and it was only his second time there with her. This is a new therapy center we’re trying and I’ve already seen huge changes. He got into the ball pit, followed directions, played productively the whole time (which he never does) and he SPOKE! My little Bobby spoke, I heard that precious little voice and he said a 4 word sentence which I have never heard. He looked at me, smiled and said “Mum, I got cards!” while holding a deck of cards he found. He went down the slide and said “look, look” for us to watch him. He has never been this interactive, focused, and expressive before. He said “Blow up” while they were blowing bubbles. Today, I gave him a organic fruit squeeze that had pears, broccoli and peas in it, he made a face, looked at me and said “not good mom, not good!”. I can’t believe it. His vocal stimming is gone, his sensory issues are better, his hyperactivity has decreased dramatically, he is sleeping better, bowels are better and much more. I am on cloud 9.

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