“I feel like I am finally getting my baby boy back!” Says, Robyn – Mom to 3 Year Old Dylan

“We are about two months into starting biomed for our son Dylan, with the help of Generation Rescue’s grant. I already feel that Dylan has made a lot of progress so far.  The most progress I have seen is in play skills. He used to be terrified of swings but now at the playground Dylan goes right up to them and requests to swing. His Occupational Therapist spent close to a year trying to get him on a swing and it just never happened.

Dylan is a lot more aware of kids and people now. He actually goes up and attempts to play. He also has become very affectionate. He always has been with me, but now he tries to hug other kids and pet their hair and hold hands. It’s very cute.

I have also seen a lot of progress in language and communication. He is babbling constantly and sometimes, actual words come, like “love” and “crunchy,” etc.

Overall Dylan just seems to be more aware of everything and wants to do more, like talk, play and feed himself. I feel like I am finally getting my baby boy back!

I am so looking forward to seeing more progress!”

– Robyn, Mom to Dylan

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