It's Time For An Autism Hearing

The following Call to Action has been published by safeMinds:

Autism Advocates, Parents, Friends and Relatives

Are you tired of Federal officials covering up autism issues?

Would you like to do something about it?

Let’s get a date scheduled for the autism hearing!

Congressman Darrell Issa, Chair of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, has promised a hearing on the problems with the Vaccine Court and at the CDC regarding autism/vaccine research.  However, as of August 14th, the hearing still hasn’t been scheduled.  We need to show him and the other committee members that the public is watching.  It is time to get a date on the calendar.  The hearing needs to be held before the end of September so that the election will not overshadow it.  We want Congress to be paying attention!

We need your help to make this happen.

Please call Chairman Issa and other committee members – particularly if they represent you! Share this through Facebook, Twitter and other social media with anyone who will help by contacting Congressional members.  Send direct e-mails and faxes to your representatives.
Here’s What to Say:
Ask Congress to get a date on the calendar for autism hearings before September 30th.
Congress and the public must know the truth behind the autism epidemic.
Ask Congress:

  • Why the CDC pretends that autism isn’t an epidemic even though it affects almost 2% of boys.
  • Why the Department of Justice refuses to admit a vaccine-autism connection in vaccine court – even though they have been compensating vaccine-injured children with autism for over 20 years.
  • Why encephalopathy gets compensated in vaccine court and autism doesn’t even though the symptoms are often the same.
  • Why the CDC impedes research on the causes of the autism increase – what are they afraid of finding out?
  • Why the CDC manipulated studies to cover up any connection between vaccines and autism and haven’t pursued Poul Thorsen, the Danish researcher who stole a million of the taxpayer dollars they paid him to do those studies.
  • Tell Congress that it is time for them to speak up for all the children who can’t speak for themselves.

Click here for contact info for Chairman Issa’s office and all the committee members.

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