Jenny McCarthy's Bad Habits Media Tour Highlights

Catch clips and highlights of Jenny’s appearances and interviews on the following shows:

  • Dr. Oz
  • Good Morning America
  • PIERS MORGAN Tonight
  • The View
  • Nightline


Dr. Oz – Jenny’s Best Health Habit – Going Gluten & Dairy Free

Jenny McCarthy reveals she weighed 211 pounds during her pregnancy. Hear what her doctor had to say and why she doesn’t regret it. Plus, she spills her extreme health habits! Find out why she takes 40 supplements every day.

Good Morning America – Jenny McCarthy on Religion & New Book

Actress, Jenny McCarthy, explains her decision to write about Catholicism, and answers a question from Stephen Colbert.



On Tuesday, Piers Morgan welcomed model, comedienne, author and activist Jenny McCarthy to the program where the former Playboy Playmate confessed how she once had aspirations to be a nun.


The View

The ladies of The View interview Jenny and talk about Bad Habits and her son Evan.



Nightline – Jenny & JuJu Chang

“Jenny McCarthy on Growing Up Poor, Deeply Religious: ‘Jesus Was My Bieber'”


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