Jenny’s Latest Obsession

Do you have any idea how excited I am to have discovered and now obsessively shop from the True Goods website? My quest for toxin-free, environmentally safe products can tend to feel endless or quite limited, to say the least, since most stores and websites only carry one genre of products. 

True Goods offers you and your family smart choices in products for personal care, health care, beauty, cleaning, gifts, around the home, and even for our beloved pets! Talk about a one stop, chemical free shop! I’m a fan and can’t help but tell everyone I know about how awesome and amazing their variety of toxin-free products are. 

Jenny’s Top 3 Picks:

BADGER CO. SPF 34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen Cream

Living in the Midwest, I am forever on the hunt for a good, chemical and toxin free bug spray. Those little pests love Evan and me, so anytime I find a repellent that works, I am sold!! Making it a sunscreen in addition to a bug repellent and I am beside myself with happiness! No sunburns and no bug bites makes me one happy mama!

BUGGYLOVE Multi-Purpose Cleaner ~ Organic

Smells yummy, works on our tough messes and I am 100% comfortable with Evan helping me clean up with Buggylove’s multi-purpose cleaner because there is absolutely nothing unnatural in the ingredient section of this amazing cleaner. My countertops are now always clean AND safe! Go figure!


FIG+YARROW Clay Mask ~ Green 

I especially love this product because I know when I make a commitment to using it, I also allow myself some down time to myself. When I use this mask, (you can mix it with water, yogurt or just about any liquid) I can feel my skin tightening and my pores shrinking. When it comes off, my skin is as smooth and soft as when I get a professional facial. A perfect product to treat yourself with from True Goods!   

Happy & Guilt-Free Shopping!

PS: Get 10% off with code TRUEGR at now! 

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