Karma Foundation Proves Philanthropy is Contagious

All Karma Foundation events, while tremendously entertaining and exciting, aim to benefit charities and embrace philanthropy. This year’s marquee event, Kandyland, hosted on June 23rd, is partnering with Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue to benefit and support its efforts to help more than 25,000 autism-affected families per year through education and medical assistance.   Karma Foundation’s goal is to be an influential Generation Rescue epicenter and shine a spotlight on deserving organizations by creating legacy relationships with each and every charity we work with  and incorporating organizations into events, such as this year’s Kandyland we are able to ensure everyone involved catches a bug for philanthropy.

Bob Helman, Karma’s2011 Member of the Year, has embraced the true meaning of philanthropy and  has offered to make a $100 donation to Generation Rescue, for each Karma member that attends the event.  Bob’s desire to support philanthropy and Generation Rescue does not come by surprise, as he has previously supported many Karma beneficiary charities.  This unique gesture certainly reflects the attitudes of Karma’s members – humble at heart, with the genuine intention to change lives and behavior. Bob’s actions have become contagious, with other members following suit.  
Bob explains: “I was so appreciative for being named Karma member of Year. I was glad to accept the award but my goal is to use it to benefit other areas of Karma including Karma’s noble causes.”  One of the greatest things Karma is our collective attitude to drive change.”  

Now a number of members have decided to attend this year’s Kandyland event, and to make similar donations or match efforts.  One such member is Michael Hemmerich, Karma member and V Foundation board member V Foundation  Michael said of the pay-it-forward offer: “I have been involved in, and on the board of, charities for many years and as both as a Karma member and philanthropist I am so proud to join Bob in this effort.”

 Another member, Brian Weber, who has been a Karma member for less than a year has also joined in Bob’s campaign, now plans to become more involved with the Generation Rescue going forward. “About ten years ago I was involved in raising a girl with autism and Karma Foundation attracted me to learn more about Generation Rescue and its approach and strategy to fighting this illness. I am very excited to get involved and learn more about Generation Rescue’s approach. I am looking forward to anything I can do to help champion the cause.”

Marvin Epstein, Karma Foundation EVP of business development and philanthropy, said of the recent member generosity: “We are so pleased to see our continued effort to benefit noble causes has now created a life of its own through the leadership of our members. Karma Foundation brings together such high caliber people that some people within Karma are not surprised by this latest initiative.”  

Eric Stotz, Karma founder and president, explains of members’ kindness and generosity:  “Our organization is comprised of some of the most successful and passionate entrepreneurs and much of their success is attributed to their ever-working minds , the fact that in this case it matches their hearts and is a win for everyone.”

Members of Karma Foundation have proven time and time again, their life goals and attributions are solidly rooted in ‘will do’, instead of ‘want to’. Karma Foundation has continued to build their membership around great people, who enjoy meaningful experiences and benefiting noble, worthy causes.   We must hope that this kind of fever is one that, while contagious, no one will find a cure for anytime soon.

Since this piece, Bob Helman, has also announced he has sold his L. A. Kings Stanley Cup final Game 3 and Game 4 tickets and donate the proceeds to Generation Rescue.

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