Kim Rossi Talks Perseverance & Autism on The Jenny McCarthy Show

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Kim Rossi (formerly known as Kim Stagliano) joined Jenny McCarthy on The Jenny McCarthy Show this week to chat about her life raising three daughters with autism.

Paying all due respect to individuals on the higher end of the autism spectrum, Kim assured listeners that it’s definitely not an easy road for many families, like her own. “Autism is a diagnosis for a reason. It’s not hair color,” she reminded us. “It’s a tough slog — it’s hardest for the person on the spectrum. Parents work their a**es off every day for their kids… To deny [their struggle] is to deny our kids’ existence.”

Kim shared the struggles she’s faced, as well as the triumphs along her journey. One of them, becoming the Executive Director of Age of Autism, using her platform and the wealth of knowledge in the community to spread hope and information to families worldwide.

Is Autism All Bad? Kim Rossi Doesn’t Think So

“We can’t live in a depression and down, and ‘this is all horrible.’ We can find happiness. We can find success… You find a way to make life joyful.” – Kim Rossi

Kim stressed how a positive attitude sets the tone for your reality. So though Autism Awareness Month may be flooded with sappy celebrations, we can still choose to remain optimistic, lean on one-another for strength through the tough times, and laugh together in the brighter times.

We can also use April as an opportunity to share our stories of perseverance (like Kim) and educate the community at large about all aspects of autism — the good and the bad — with ways they can actually support families raising individuals with special needs.

Kim bared all in her 2011 memoir, All I Can Handle, showing fellow warriors that it’s OK (and very possible) to have a sense of humor while raising individuals with special needs and that finding the joy is a very real part of being a warrior.

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