Non-toxic, Biodegradable Yoga Mats Designed By Kulae For Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Charity, Generation Rescue

Los Angeles, May 17, 2012 – Kulae has teamed up with Jenny McCarthy’s autism organization, Generation Rescue, to support children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder.  To celebrate the partnership, a co-branded blue and grey eco-friendly/non-toxic yoga mat has been created which is available for sale on the Kulae website.

Kulae tpECOmats are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and contain NO PVC, latex, cadmium, lead or rubber which is especially beneficial for individuals with sensory issues, skin sensitivities and allergies.

In the spirit of living their mission and mantra “karma’s real,” each year Kulae selects a charitable organization and makes a generous donation. Kulae believes in social responsibility and is proud to support the autism community through this new partnership.

 “Supporting Autism is very meaningful to the Kulae team as each staff member either knows or has a relative that is affected with an autism spectrum disorder. This is not just a typical donation.  We dedicate all of our charitable donations to Generation Rescue because we truly want to make a difference any way we can,” says Greg Egan and Jeff McSharry, Partners at Kulae.

“The culture we strive to maintain in our organization is that of living green and maintaining balance in our lives while working hard to support families in need. Jenny McCarthy and the team at Generation Rescue all practice different forms of yoga. We even converted one of our offices into a yoga studio so that when life gets busy we can take a quick moment to re-energize,” says Candace McDonald, of Generation Rescue.

About Kulae:

Kulae practices a twofold mission to provide the most stylish and eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet while truly living by their mantra “karma’s real.”

The name Kulae was derived from the word kula. Kula is a word from the Sanskrit language meaning community. The letter “e” in Sanskrit pluralizes a word like the letter “s” in the English language. This is why an “e” was added to the end of kula, forming Kulae. Kulae is a meaning of communities coming and working together to help maintain healthy people on a healthy planet.

About Generation Rescue:

Generation Rescue is dedicated to recovery for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the quality of life for all families in need.

Inspired by the journey of their son, Jamison, JB & Lisa Handley founded Generation Rescue in 2005. When Jenny McCarthy’s son was diagnosed with autism, she found the website which guided her to the resources and support that eventually contributed to the success of healing her son Evan. In an effort to inspire and help the thousands of families facing the same struggles she faced, Jenny became the President of the organization in 2008.  

Today, over 25,000 families a year are helped through mentors, a toll-free hotline, a grant program and a national conference.


Candace McDonald
Generation Rescue

Jeff McSharry

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