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Branam Xylitol Toothpaste: Reviewed

August 6, 2013

At a very early age we started introducing Anthony to the toothbrush. Since he had sensory issues and speech apraxia,…

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Denise Tarasuk, ND, RN, MA, Ayurveda

August 6, 2013

Why do you participate and support the Rescue Family grant program?  When asked why I have supported the Rescue Family…

Getting Back to the Basics

August 6, 2013

Many of the parents I have worked with over the years have expressed an urgency they feel in seeing their…

How Can Neurofeedback Help?

July 30, 2013

Many researchers, physicians and other practitioners believe that neurofeedback should be an early intervention in the autistic spectrum. Given what…

Running for Autism

July 23, 2013

As I begin my running, I think back to when my wife and I began biomedical treatment for Harrison. The…

Utilizing (Versus Minimizing) Your Child’s Differences

July 23, 2013

Have you ever heard the term “trying to close the gap”? This is a term I hear often and it…

Social Security Disability: What You Need To Know

July 23, 2013

This is an article written by Molly Clarke of Social Security Disability Help. Molly regularly contributes to the SSD Help…

Yummy GFCF Picnics

July 10, 2013

Tis the season~for long summer nights, outdoor concerts, outings to the lake and the beach…the ideal time for packing up…

New Medical Publication Reports Delpro Capsules Help Children With Autism Suffering from Bowel Problems

July 9, 2013

For more, read the full article, “Improvements in Gastrointestinal Symptoms among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) receiving Delpro Probiotic…

What’s It Like Growing Up with a Sibling with Autism?

July 9, 2013

You really wouldn’t believe how often I get asked that question. Sometimes it feels like it comes up constantly. Usually…

Introducing Tali Berman

July 9, 2013

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just knew — that from that moment on your life…

The Lesson Is In The Struggle

July 9, 2013

We are all given struggles in our life. Some of them are life-changing. Some struggles we can look back on…

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