Q&A with Dr. Will Cole: Infrared Sauna Therapy & Autism

Crafted with love from our friends at Sunlighten

We had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Will Cole last month on our #ChatAutism Podcast about the benefits of adaptogens. We had such a great conversation, we invited Dr. Cole back to chat with us and answer your questions about infrared sauna therapy (a topic our community has been buzzing about lately).


1. What are the core benefits of Infrared sauna therapy? Can it help with reducing inflammation or safely removing heavy metals?

The main benefits of infrared saunas and why I recommend them to my patients are to detox, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress to help balance hormones. Since sweating is your body’s natural way to eliminate toxins it is essential when trying to detox from heavy metals. Infrared saunas help you eliminate more toxins than a traditional.

Since chronic inflammation is behind so many different health problems that we see in the world today, it is crucial to always make sure you are bringing your inflammation levels down. Infrared saunas increase your body temperature and therefore your circulation. When this happens it helps to reduce inflammation.

Additionally, just sitting in an infrared sauna is relaxing. Relaxation brings balance to your cortisol levels. This is your body’s stress hormone so having balanced cortisol can help you avoid a wide range of health problems stemming from hormonal imbalances.


2. What are the differences in far infrared and near infrared? How do we know which will meet our individual needs?

These refer to the different sizes in infrared wavelengths and how intense the treatment is.

Near-infrared being the most gentle and far-infrared being the strongest. If you know you really need to detox or have chronic inflammation problems far-infrared is going to be the best.

If you know you just need a boost, near infrared is going to be just as effective.


3. Can near infrared help with cumulative damage and oxidative stress on the mitochondria? And how does this issue directly relate to autism?

There have, in fact, been some promising studies on saunas ability to decrease oxidative stress.

More studies should be done on the topic, but it looks promising.

My experience with patients is that saunas can be an effective tool to decrease inflammation levels on their health journey.


4. Is it kid-friendly? Any suggestions to help make it less invasive? (Maybe the incorporation of music therapy or iPad usage?)

Infrared saunas are actually very kid friendly and safer than traditional saunas. You don’t have the same risk for contact burns in infrared saunas since no part of the sauna gets hot enough to burn you by contact.

Since the benefits of infrared saunas can really help anyone and everyone just make it a family affair! That can make the experience more enjoyable and less scary.


Infrared sauna therapy is something we do often here at the GR office and our families have seen lots of great benefits from regular usage.

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Be sure to follow @DrWillCole and visit drwillcole.com for more great resources on functional medicine and be sure to check out his keynote lecture at the 2017 Autism Education Summit this fall.



Disclaimer: None of the information presented here should be considered medical advice or a “cure” for autism. The information presented represents strategies for dealing with autism that have been reported as successful by professionals and/or families with autism. While we believe this information to be accurate we are not in a position to independently verify it and cannot guarantee that it will work in any particular case. No treatment for autism should be attempted without prior consultation with a physician familiar with autism spectrum disorders.

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