Rescue Family Grant Round 5 Update: Jayden – 4 Years Old

We just completed the fifth round of our Rescue Family grant and wanted to share some amazing progress with you from Jayden’s mom, Crystal.

Here’s a note we received from Crystal about a month and a half into our Rescue Family Grant:

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to share with you some more updates about my Jayden! Although Jayden is still a very picky eater and we have not heard any words yet, he is making amazing progress in many other areas!!

Jayden tried 1 bite of a caramel apple breakfast bar. He picked it up on his own and just took a bite without anyone asking him to. 🙂 Although he did take a bite, chew and swallow it, he hasn’t taken another bite since. Maybe he just didn’t like it? No biggie…at least he tried it!! He also tolerated two pieces of a strawberry breakfast bar in his mouth but did not chew and swallow. During his feeding therapy, that same strawberry breakfast bar was cut into very small pieces and smooshed on the bottom of his vanilla graham crackers. Although he did notice a difference in taste (you could tell by the look on his face), he continued to eat the crackers this way. 🙂 Even though he has had bites of pb & j, I honestly think he just doesn’t like it. The reason for this is because usually once he actually tastes something and gives it a chance, if he likes it, he’ll continue to eat it without protesting. Every time pb & j is presented, he cries and protests…he just doesn’t want it.

Jayden never used his hand to hold an applesauce cup or pudding cup. He would just let it slide all over the table until it landed on the floor. He is now holding a cup with a handle while he is eating. He has full control over it and is able to stabilize it from sliding all around the table while he is scooping out of it! He is also doing very well with drinking out of an open cup. Lately, he’s been actually looking inside of the cup while he is drinking to watch the juice coming out. When he does this, he is much more accurate with getting the juice in his mouth and not all over his shirt. 🙂

His potty training is going great! Although he does not yet initiate going to the bathroom, we bring him on a schedule. He is having less accidents at home and at school! We have only caught him in time once, to move his bowels on the potty. That’s okay thought, we are headed in the right direction!!

With Jayden’s imitation training, we were working on the wash hands movement for quite a while. Working with his BCBA, we decided it would be a good idea to put this on hold for now. Although he washes his hands multiple times a day (with assistance), he didn’t seem to grasp the concept of the wash hands movement. Since we have put this on hold, Jayden has mastered stacking a block on another block, high fives and putting a block in a bowl with his imitation training!! It is so exciting to see him doing some new things! He is also able to turn handles on doors to get in and out 🙂

He has been exploring sooooo much more! Especially in his room. Some of the things he has tried are very dangerous but, it is nice to see him experimenting with new things. If something rolls under his dresser, he lays on his belly on the floor and reaches underneath it now! He’s never done this. If something fell or rolled under there it was out of site, out of mind.

When he would watch his favorite shows and wanted them changed, he would come get one of us and put our hand on the shelf where the DVD’s were. Now, he wants us to pick him up so he can see all the DVD’s and he looks at the cases and picks the one he’d like to watch next!!

He is doing really well with learning how to put his shoes on, on his own. Jayden bent his knees and “bounced” to music in the mirror during music therapy (this was the 1st time he had ever done this since starting in November 2010). During Aquatic PT, he is jumping off the side into the pool and even going underwater (very quickly with assistance from his PT). Jayden used to hate getting water in his face.
I can’t believe how much more he is doing since the last time I updated everyone! I am so excited and can’t wait to see what he will do next!

I am totally bummed that we have only 2 weeks left in the grant! 🙁 I hope that we will all remain great friends so we can continue to share our children’s progress with one another! I can’t wait to hear back from everyone and see how the kid’s are all doing!

Talk to you all soon,

Here’s a note we received at the close of our 3 month Grant Program:

“Jayden is a gorgeous 4 year old that was diagnosed with autism in 2008. I made it my mission to get him all of the help and services that I could to help him lived a fulfilled, happy life.

Jayden was toe-walking and stimming on lights and ceiling fans. He lost all of his eye contact, stopped responding to his name and lived in a world “all of his own”. For me, that hardest thing about autism. Was not being able to hear Jayden’s voice. He is non-verbal and can only sign two words in sign language.

The Rescue Family grant has affected Jayden in ways I never imagined in just 3 short months. He is doing things we’ve never seen him do and making progress consistently. Jayden is moving his bowels almost everyday now, he sleeps peacefully at night. He is more alert and attentive. He is doing amazing with his imitation training and is more responsive to verbal cues. He is exploring more, his eye contact is better and better, the list goes on….

We are honored to have been chosen for this program. We would have never been able to cover the costs that this grant did. We have always wanted to try biomedical treatments for Jayden but, we could never afford it. We have seen amazing things happen for our little boy in the last 3 months and there are no words to describe how thankful and blessed we are to have been given this opportunity. The program is amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Generation Rescue, for helping us help Jayden.

You are all angels and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

God Bless all who are involved with Generation Rescue.”

Jayden Before Starting The Rescue Family Grant










Jayden 3 Months Later…









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