Rescue Family Grant Update: Great Things Happening

“WOW…I started this post because I want to share some positive feedback from our home. We started the Rescue Family Grant in January and our 5 year old son Alex is doing so great.

For the past 5 days straight Alex has gone without ANY aggression. This is compared to the 2-3 times a day bursts of aggression we were used to seeing. 

Alex is now talking ALOT. Today he said “I don’t know,” and “oh, thats not right.” He had his in home therapy today for 2 hours and both the therapist and supervisor (who are not yet aware of our new protocol) were shocked at his new behavior. They said, “is this the same kid we saw a week ago?”  

I’m also happy to share that Alex has more awareness, he is laughing at things that are funny, he is calmer, more patient and the list goes on…

We are so exceed to see where he goes from here….we know things can ONLY GO UP!”

– Annmarie, Mom to Alex, Age 5

Each Rescue Family Grant recipient receives:
  •     Two doctor visits with a specially-trained physician who treats autism
  •     Vitamins, minerals and supplements—a 90-day supply
  •     Standardized laboratory testing
  •     A Generation Rescue Mentor (Rescue Angel)
  •     Dietary intervention training

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