Rowena Salas, Samir Patel, & Donnie Wahlberg Join Generation Rescue's Board of Directors

Dear Supporters,


Happy New Year! This year marks the 10th anniversary of Generation Rescue, the organization founded in 2005 by JB and Lisa Handley, which has grown over the years from a parent referral web site to an international organization best known for providing treatment grants to families new to healing the medical conditions of autism. The foundation’s goal since inception has been to provide a platform for parents to connect, learn about treatment and be a podium for their voices to be heard.  JB’s voice was loud and clear in 2005, when he discussed, on NBC, how treating the underlying medical conditions of autism decreases symptoms and improves quality of life. It’s my pleasure to work with a visionary who sees the importance of bringing people together and changing our children’s health.  


With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the exciting addition of three visionary board members Rowena Salas, Samir Patel and Donnie Wahlberg. Please join me in welcoming them to the board of directors, as they each bring a unique kind of creativity, energy and expertise to help us build upon our mission to help families affected by autism. I look forward to working with these amazing individuals as we work to serve you best. Meet the New Board Members



A special thank you to the initial GR families who shared their stories of recovery and continue to advocate to the greater cause.  I wish you a new year filled with happiness and hope for recovery.  


Candace McDonald

Executive Director 


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