Sensory Balancing Therapy: A New Breakthrough in Sensory Regulation

Many children are affected with sensory dysfunction, which is commonly called “Sensory Defensiveness”, and it is the direct result of an unbalanced autonomic nervous system.
Sensory defensiveness or dysfunction is when a child has difficulty responding appropriately to the sensory environment around him/her. The organizing and planning of sensory stimuli is normally an automatic action performed by the nervous system. When the nervous system does not perform these actions automatically it produces a stress response that can manifest itself as behavioral issues. When a child is stuck in this unbalanced, sympathetic state, he or she can be living in a defensive mode to the environment and this can prevent proper interaction, connectedness, and function in his/her world. This can interfere with all daily activity, including socialization, behavioral and learning.


As a sensory specialist, my primary end goal of therapy was always to shift the patient’s sympathetic nervous system into a more balanced state. I have spent most of my career learning sensory treatments and finding ways to try and decrease the fight or flight mode.
I found the traditional Sensory integration activities do work, but they take a lot of dedication and are very time consuming to perform. My favorite tool for balancing the autonomic nervous system is:

Sensory Balancing Therapy (SBT) is a simple, safe, & systematic application of concentrated DC microcurrent to special acupuncture points. Together, they used to assist the neurological tasks of processing and integrating sensory information from the body and the environment in order to contribute to improvement in emotional regulation, learning, behavior, and participation in activities of daily life.


This treatment is now available for home use! SBT combines modern microcurrent therapy applied to ancient acupuncture points in order to harness both science and wisdom to calm the nervous system.


The device is a hand-held, portable and easy to use that is safe and non-invasive. It brings relief of chronic pain without the use of medication or extensive on-going therapies. The application time is very short (only a few seconds per point of application) making the Dolphin Neurostim the ideal go-to device modality for fast, effective relief when needed.


As an Occupational Therapist for 20 years, the best approach I have found to balance a patients nervous system is microcurrent applied to acupuncture points. I call this incredible combination “Sensory Integration turbocharged!” The amazing part is that the treatment is so quick and easy with immediate outcomes.



Learn about this portable home therapy treatment that can be easily applied anywhere or anytime that you need relief! You are invited to the “Sensory Balancing Therapy” lecture and don’t forget to visit the SBT booth to witness demonstrations or receive a needed treatment yourself!


Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, SIPT, MPP-MPS

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