Spreebird Donates 10% of Profits to Generation Rescue

We are pleased to announce a win-win for Generation Rescue and all of our supporters!

Spreebird donates 10% of their profit on deals we buy.  Spreebird offers 50-90% off on the best services and attractions in the area as well as incredible travel deals!

Please sign up for free, at www.spreebird.com and select Generation Rescue as your community partner.  We will receive 10% of their profit from any deal you choose!

Plus when you (or any friend you refer) sign up, we receive $1 in addition to the year-round contributions. It’s absolutely free, and the deals are amazing.  It’s a win-win!

1.    Go to: www.spreebird.com
1.    Choose your area.
2.    Enter your email address.
3.    Any other areas you might buy deals in?  Add them now.
4.    Choose Select a non-profit to support.
5.    Type in Generation Rescue and click Finish.
6.    Look for your email confirmation and verify your account.

Thank you for supporting Generation Rescue.

Please pass it on to your friends & family!

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