"Talk about progress!" – See How Our Grant Families Are Doing Two Months Into the Program

It has been just two months into the 19th round of our Rescue Family Grant Program and our grantees are already seeing great progress! 


Just eleven days into the program, Lennon’s mom sent us this message: 

“I wanted to share this with you with a huge hug and thank you!! January 15, 2015 is the first time I have heard my son try to speak and mimic words rather than grunt them as word approximations. His therapists are all blown away at what the diet has done for him so far! Thank you GR, I will never be able to share my appreciation for what you are doing for my son and familiy! Hopefully soon we can share a big loud “THANK YOU” from Lennon!!” 



Susan shares Dominic’s progress since beginning the program: 

Talk about progress — Dominic usually complains about any spec of veggie or anything that looks like veggies and he hates beans… But oh my god! I got him to eat black bean pasta with a homemade chili that had chunks of onion and lots of garlic and beans without any complaining or comprimising. He even gave me a thumbs up and said it was delicious. After The Listening Program and dinner, he deserved a treat so we gave him a GF/CF cookie. When it was bed time he went with NO negotiating. My boy is growing up and I’m loving his attitude changing. Now on to getting him to swallow a pill correctly. Thank you GR!” 



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