The Birth of Focus Autism

Focus Autism Foundation is a proud supporter of Generation Rescue as we are aligned in many ways. A major initiative is to work toward reducing the prevalence of autism by ensuring a safe vaccination schedule for all children, including the most vulnerable of children. Below is a message from the founder of Focus Autism, Barry Segal, who articulates his concerns about vaccine safety.

My concern for autism began on a flight to Florida in February of 2010. On that flight I sat next to a woman from the same town as my son. She was traveling with her young son with autism. One of the physicians who treated her son had told her there was no hope that he would ever have any human interaction. While he clearly had challenges, he was eventually capable of interacting with others.

After that flight, I became increasingly aware of autism among the children of friends and colleagues. I began reading and was astonished to learn that autism affects an estimated 1 in 110 children in the US. For boys, the rate is 1 in 70.  In New Jersey it’s one in 60 boys.

It became very obvious to me that for some children who are sick or have other health concerns, vaccines can pose a severe danger. Promoting vaccine safety is a major initiative for Focus Autism.  We would like the CDC to seriously investigate the vaccine program for safety & we would want the Supreme Court to reconsider the immunity it gave to “Big Pharma” on vaccines.

**Dr. Temple Grandin with Barry and Dolly at the May 2011 UJA Federation of New York Autism Symposium

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