The Thinking Mom’s Revolution

People often ask why I still read up on biomedical treatments, research alternative therapies and attend autism conferences. Why do I still implement dietary intervention, biomedical supplements and homeopathy?

Well, the story doesn’t end at recovery.


There’s still more work to be done AFTER recovery. I put in just as much work as I did when Mei and Min Min were at their most affected. Though of course, these days are much more relaxed, there’s more laughter and happiness now.

I’m a Thinking Mom…..

Without the diet and supplements, the girls will have indigestion, tummy pain, constipation and be susceptible to even more illnesses. Though they no longer present autistic features such as self-injurious behaviors, stimming, mood swings, speech delays and hyperactivity, their health leaves much to be desired. Between the 2 girls, we’re currently dealing with low weight gain, low muscle tone, immune dysfunction, heavy metal toxicity, Helicobacter Pylori and persistent GI issues just to name a few. And that’s AFTER recovery. Imagine how much more a typical Autism mum has to deal with!

This is why I still read, research and save up for autism conferences. I may have lost most of my biomed mojo, but I still try to keep up.

There’s a Revolution happening…..

Every mum of recovered kids I know are the same. We are terrified of regression. There are more challenges to be faced ahead, puberty for one – terrifies me. I don’t know the future health implications of recovered children; will they be susceptible to chronic health diseases or psychiatric disorders? We’ve achieved managed recovery, now I want complete recovery. Is it a realistic goal? I don’t know. But I expect, nay, demand excellence in everything I do.

Don’t get me wrong; Mei and Min Min are fantastic! They are awesome in every possible way. But they are challenging, high maintenance and still a metabolic train wreck. But I don’t mind, because our reality used to be 10 times worse.


Though the war on autism is over in our home, I still feel like we’re living in a war-torn zone. It will take time to rebuild this family, though we are well on our way. It will take even longer to recover physically, emotionally and financially. Though our initial investment has multiplied ten-fold in many ways. Recovery is a bittersweet victory.

Fight or flight mode? Nightmares? Grief? I still have them. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful my children are recovered from autism. But will they ever lose the metaphorical scars and legacy of all that is autism? Will I?

I’m a Thinking Mom…..

I will be forever haunted by autism, the scars run deep. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for the past 6 years. Even when Hubby offers to do the morning school run and lets me sleep in, I’m still tired. You don’t just recover from years of interrupted sleep, immense physical and emotional stress overnight. Couple that with anxiety, insomnia and general lack of self-care. Plus the weight of resentment, fear and sorrow of the past 6 years weighing down my soul. All that doesn’t just magically disappear the day your child loses their diagnosis.  

Why do I continue to advocate for autism recovery, biomedical intervention and alternative healthcare?

There’s a Revolution happening…..

Trust me, I don’t do this because I love it. I rejoice the day when I no longer have to smuggle in supplements, open up nasty-tasting capsules and chase my daughters around with a giant syringe. I do it because I must. Just like you do for your children every single day.

I do it because I dream of a better future for Mei and Min Min. And I want a better future for other children too. I demand better health for all our children. I am part of The Thinking Mom’s Revolution. Amazing mums (and dads) who are brought together by Autism. Join The Revolution at The Thinking Mom’s Revolution on Facebook now!

















About the author:
Marissa Bagshaw is a mother of 2 children who are recovered from autism. She is an autism advocate and is a Rescue Angel for Generation Rescue. Her blog Spectrum Mum in Malaysia is inspired by her daughters’ journey through autism. Please visit She lives with her husband and daughters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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