Toby's Story with Autism and Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue saved my son’s life and I want to share how.
My son Toby had always suffered from illnesses such as ear infections, viral infections, yeast infections, and the list goes on. As an infant and through his first year he hit each of his milestones, saying ma-ma and da-da as he should and more. Around his first birthday, Toby received four vaccines I was told he should receive and that evening his body broke out in a huge rash. I took pictures and called his doctor immediately. The doctor told me if it was still there in the morning to come in for a visit. The next morning when Toby woke up the rash was gone along with his speech, eye contact, being able to play correctly with toys, as well as not seeming to know who the heck I was… It was like waking up to another child. As time went on he was not wanting anyone to touch him, he was spinning his toys, lining them up to all match, color coding his toys, pulling out and lining his drawers up to match, he would sit in the corners of the house rocking, would do tons of circles, he would get very OCD with pushing button toys over and over and over, he would bang his head into walls, floors, me, etc. He would bite and hit himself, bite and hit me, pull his own hair, have hour long tantrums he couldn’t seem to get himself out of, he would strip, poop and pee all over his room while on time out.

Toby’s health also began going down hill as he incurred problems like skin irritations, acid reflux to the point of spitting up on himself daily, yeast infections, ear infections, seizures, heart disorder, insomnia, loss of appetite, prone to viral infections, OCD, and couldn’t have a bowel movement (BM) but once a week.

After speaking with his doctor, I was told there was nothing I could do. “Just accept it,” they would say. In that moment, I made a promise to my little boy that I would make him well again and I will be darned if I don’t keep that promise. Even to this day I have a huge sense of guilt that this was my fault and had I known better this would have never happened to my poor baby.
Like, Jenny, I began to research. I researched all of the local resources in y community which through some time and struggles led me to free speech therapy and a case worker who led me to an amazing all Autistic preschool called HUGS.

Soon after the combination of school and therapy I began to see a difference in Toby, he was doing much better. But I still researched everything, hoping I could find something…anything to heal the health issues he still had and that’s when I found it…..Generation Rescue. After learning about Jenny’s story,I had more hope than I had ever had in my life. I applied for their grant program and shortly after I was accepted. The people who could help my baby were going to!
Before learning about biomedical treatment, I didn’t think twice about supplements or diet having any real lasting effects on Autism or anything in life. With the help of Generation Rescue I put Toby on a Gluten/Casein free diet (which I thought was pointless at first) and he started having a BM every other day, instead of just once every Sunday. Then with the help of my wonderful husband we slowly started the rest of the supplements. We also got our 2 free Doctor visits with this grant. Dr. Hines gave me even more hope and the courage to question and keep going.

During and following the grant program with Generation Rescue, Toby started spelling and he is now spelling over 50 words. All of a sudden it was like my son woke up. Like a fog had lifted from over his head. He wanted lots of hugs and kisses, he wanted to sit on our laps, he actually wanted attention instead of just wanting to push buttons in the corner by himself for hours. In fact he doesn’t play with any toy for even an hour straight anymore. He sleeps great at night, and no longer throws terrible tantrums. He even started doing the same things that his friend’s Matt and Xander would do. We had no idea Toby even knew what we were saying to him and all the sudden he is doing EVERYTHING we would ask of him. He started to know his own name too! Now he spells out his name all day. My child is actually speaking!!

Also I would like to point out that Toby has no acid reflux, no ear infections, no viral infections, no skin problems, no seizures, (his doctors have even have taken him off the meds for it). He has a clear mind now and has not been sick for over a year now. Toby has energy, he doesn’t abuse himself or anyone else, he is loving, smart, he smiles, and laughs. My little everything, is finally happy!  

After seeing such a difference in my son, the rest of my family is GFCF, organic and we all take our supplements. I believe there is real power behind what we put in our bodies. I feel like I lost my little boy for a couple years and now I feel like everyday I find more and more of him. He is not 100% better but he is getting closer and closer everyday. I do believe one day he will fully recover from this but until then I will simply marvel at his hard work in his journey to get there.

If anyone has a child with Autism they should know there is hope, there is something you can do, and your hard work and love will make a difference in your child’s life.

Help is out there, you just have to find it. No one will care more than you, or work as hard for your baby so don’t give up and bring your baby to the next level!


We can heal these kids! Let our love guide the way!

With love,
Valerie – Toby’s Mom


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