Top Reviews from the Autism Education Summit

The second annual Autism Education Summit was a hit! But instead of telling you all about it ourselves, we wanted to share some of our favorite reviews written by fellow Mommy and Dad Warriors that attended this year’s conference.

Check them out below:

“We don’t treat autism. We treat the symptoms associated with autism.” Those were the words spoken by Dr Jerry Kartzinel during the opening presentation at this year’s Autism Education Summit. My wife and I have always said we want our son to be the best Ethan he can be. Dr Jerry echoed our sentiments when he said, “We are not trying to change our kids. They are perfect, and we love them as they are. However, we treat them, so that the FEEL better. We treat them so we can help them go from “dysfunctional to functional”.

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The Autism Education Summit provided face-to-face connections with potential resources for parents who must find the next steps or overall plans for their children’s health. Those connections are very important.

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After attending the Summit, one young man with autism left feeling ready to start “finally living the life I have always dreamed of.”

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