Update from Stephanie's Proper Food Combining & Blood Type Journey

I am officially three weeks into a new chapter. Following Dr. Bo Wagner’s guidance, I am not only gluten-free and casein-free, I am eating the right foods for my blood-type and properly food combining.

These past three weeks have been great learning sessions for me. I carry around Dr. Bo’s book of food for my blood type everywhere I go. It sits on my desk at the office, comes home with me at night and to the grocery store when I go shopping. I refer to it several times a day.  I have learned what foods feed my body properly and what foods do not feed my body. properly. Eating for your blood type has always made sense to me, however, I just haven’t had enough determination and understanding to put it in action. It feels great to know that I am actually doing it this time.


Here’s what a sample of what I’m eating for my blood type (Type O);

  • Smoothie with Dr. Bo’s Garden of Plenty (love this-getting over 150 Superfoods in one scoop, plus it tastes great)
  • Dr. Bo’s Whey Protein-Chocolate (yay, chocolate!!!)
  • Dr. Bo’s Fiber Magic


  • Salad with foods from the blood type list PLUS a protein of choice
  • Snack    
  • Fruit or carrots and hummus or kombucha (LOVE) or green juice or another
  • smoothie


  • More veggies from the blood type listing PLUS another protein OR another smoothie
  • (You can also have starches, grains or nuts, all kinds of yummy stuff on the blood type list, however, I’m limiting for the weight loss part )


I’m also using Dr. Bo’s supplements to better digest and process the foods that I am eating. I’m currently using;

  • Daily Trim           
  • Waist Trim
  • Tummy Trim
  • Sleep Trim
  • Mega Zymes (a digestive enzyme)
  • Colon Magic
  • Total Woman (a great multi-vitamin)

Learning when to take the supplements took some time as well, however, I think of the supplements and the food list as similar to what I do with Max’s biomed protocol. I made a spreadsheet (lol) and put all of the bottles in front of me with post-it notes to remind me when to take them. It takes some getting used to but however, I have learned pretty quickly and soon it will ’ll be routine. Soon enough,  and I won’t need the spreadsheet anymore!.

It is so important to keep moving. Dr Bo suggested that I do SOMETHING for at least 30 minutes each and every day. This is easy for me because I look at my daily workout as my “ME” time. I force myself to not think about what is on the to-do list or what is, what is going on in my personal life. I clear my mind and , anything, just focus on my workout and reap the benefits of that time.

I did make the mistake the first week in and totally cut my caloric intake drastically, (trying to get that jump start for results. I) instead I felt weak during my workouts and was so damn hungry that I couldn’t’ think straight. I have since included more foods while still keeping my diet in check, which has  that helped me find the right balance without the hunger pains.

I do miss the comfort of carbs so much but those cravings do go away and I’m feeling kind of clear-headed. I noticed that I am sleeping more and better. Nothing like getting a good night’s sleep! Also, I am NOT weighing myself everyday anymore. I took my numbers at the beginning AND measured myself. Just as I was reminded, the actual pounds are not what is important, it is the measurements. I am also not going to obsess over it. Just continue what I’m doing every day and at every meal and will “check in” again in a month at my overall progress.  Again did I tell you that I miss carbs???

With love,

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About the Author
Stephanie Rotondi is the Program Coordinator at Generation Rescue and Mommy to Max. Follow her on Twitter @StephRotondi
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