Wiping Away Food Sensitivities

Food Allergies

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How much of your life is consumed with food prep for food sensitivities? Or helicoptering around your extended family or school or day-care? Whatever level of elimination diet you’re applying to your child, perhaps a mild elimination of food dyes, or gluten-free, dairy-free, or as intense as GAPS, your life is consumed. The reason is that you’ve seen the regression when your child eats that food!

One of my favorite stories in my biomedical clinic was a 3 year-old child with autism who had no language, which completely recovered upon eliminating gluten. One day, grandma brought him to McDonalds and he ate their French fries (yes, of course, they have gluten) and his language immediately stopped and took an entire month to get back.

The extent of change in our children from certain foods can be extreme, and it almost seems that once they’ve been on a certain diet for long enough, they start to get sensitive and intolerant of the other foods! What is left to eat? (I saw a child once that only ate bacon!)

As we peel away the layers, what is underneath is inflammation. An irritated immune system that is hyper-reactive. When the immune system finds everything is an enemy, then it will attack everything with every chance it has. We spend so much of our time preparing and buying the right foods for our child, and praying there isn’t a slip up when we aren’t on patrol.


But what if there was a better way!

Normalizing your immune response can reduce the immune attack on foods. Imagine being able to have your child eat the foods again that would cause so many problems. Imagine a mistake at school or with the in-laws not causing a chaotic week with your child. Sound too good to be true? I thought the same until I discovered this new all-natural supplement for my patients.

Belly Balance from Spectrum Awakening can do exactly this. I call it an egg-based colostrum that normalizes immune response in the intestines. Technically, it is an IgY immunoglobulin supplement that conveys passive immunity and regulates cytokines. Since most colostrum supplements are dairy-derived, I couldn’t use them with my patients, since most of them are on dairy-free diets, but to have an egg-based supplement to reduce food intolerances and sensitivities, opened the door to a realm of possibilities!


The Research

The building research on normalizing immune reaction is also promising. Belly Balance reduced the amount of zonulin in patients by approximately 90%. This is the new biomarker for ‘leaky gut’.


Belly Balance increased the amount of probiotics in the gut by approximately 15%, and improved DAO activity (reducing histamine in the body) by 10%.


Quantitation of Beneficial Flora

These are amazing changes! Imagine what could happen in your child if you were able to reduce gut inflammation, reduce food reactions, reduce histamine, and improve probiotic levels, all with a powder of egg immunoglobulins!

Try Belly Balance and watch what your child could soon eat!

Written By Dr. Jared M. Skowron, ND


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