Yeast and its Effects on the Body

I sometimes get asked about additional ways we use our formulas in clinic and for ourselves here at BioRay.

Artemisia & Clove has been formulated for the successful treatment of unwanted organisms in the gut and colon. Individuals as young as 6 months to 82 years of age have safely used this formula.

If you have any of the following issues, here are some additional ways to incorporate A&C into your existing protocol:

When traveling – Increase hydrochloric acid in the gut and avoid unfamiliar critters from making your intestines their new home. Adults: 1 – 2 droppers before and after a meal. Children: 6 – 13 drops twice a day.

Itchy rectum – sign to begin a 2 – 5 week protocol, depending on age of person and fluidity of bowel movements. See our protocol for children and adults online or email us for a copy.

Foggy thinking – When metals are removed and detoxification protocol completed – clove is shown in studies to increase brain cognition. Adults: 1 dropper of A&C two times a day with Liver Life. Children 6 -13 drops of A&C twice a day with Liver Life.

Toothache can represent unwanted organisms in corresponding organ in the body. Time to begin a 2 – 5 week protocol.

Yeast often flares up in conjunction with heavy metal detoxification, as metals keep yeast in check. Adults: 1 – 2 droppers after your chosen heavy metal & chemical detoxifier. Children 6 – 13 drops twice a day.

Some interesting information on yeast and its effects on the body:

1.  Yeast secretes an enzyme that digests the lining of the intestines.

2.  Yeast shifts the immune system from Th1 to Th2. This sets the stage for allergies and viral infections. 

3.  Yeast enzymes break down IgA. IgA is the most predominant type of antibody that is found covering the gut mucosa. IgA keeps toxins and bacteria from binding to the cells that line the intestines. Without enough IgA, the intestines become inflamed, and the lymphoid tissue in the gut swells.

4.  The byproducts of certain yeasts or fungus are able to alter the bacterial content of the intestines. (The fact that fungal metabolites can do this should come as little surprise. Many of our antibiotics are made from molds.)

5.  Candida secretes an enzyme that reduces the body’s ability to kill Staphyloccocus aureus, a common pathogen in human intestines.

6.  Yeast creates toxins like tartaric acid, acetylaldehyde and arabinol that interfere with the body’s ability to produce energy. Drs. Truss, Galland and Ionescu have all measured reduced levels of amino acids, imbalances of fatty acids and deficiencies of various vitamin and minerals in their yeast syndrome patients. In particular, yeast reduce the body’s coenzyme Q10, coenzyme B6, alpha ketoglutaric acid, taurine, and asparagine.

7.  The most harmful place for yeast seems to be in the small intestine. This was shown in a study of children with failure to thrive. Biopsies of the upper small intestine were taken and were examined with an electron microscope. The yeast were embedded in the intestinal lining in their invasive fungal or mycelial form. Some of these children had no yeast showing up in their stool. Yet the yeast in this first part of their intestinal tract was interfering with their nutrition.

Yours in great health and vitality!
Stephanie Ray
Founder & President of BioRay

About the Author
Stephanie Ray designed, staffed, and trained others in the operation of five Traditional Chinese & Biological Medical Clinics in Santa Monica, California in 14 years, along with Dr. Timothy Ray, OMD.  Therapies and treatments practiced at the clinic included cold laser therapy, rife therapy, cranial electro stem, ozone therapy, infra-red sauna, UVB (ultra violet blood irradiation), Electro-Acuscope, and in-vivo testing of urine & saliva.  Stephanie also managed the inventory of a complex Chinese Herbal formulas, and a full nutritional pharmacy. Founding BioRay with Dr. Ray in 1991 was a synergy of clinical experience and formulating knowledge. Learn more about Bioray Natural Detox.
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