Skye: California

in conversation with his father, Dirk:

Skye’s symptoms:  non-verbal; significant stimming; high fevers after vaccines; no eye contact or desire to socialize; very aggressive toward his brother.

Formal Diagnosis:  MR Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Determined Cause:   “Vaccinations.  He had severe reactions to nearly all of them.  His charts show that his head size went from 50% to 80% after the first DTAP round, then go back to 50%.  Was there brain damage caused by the swelling?”

Helpful Therapies:  A gluten-free and mostly casein-free diet; all natural bio-medicines (probiotics, fish oil, mineral salts); ABA home therapies; 32 hours/week of school, since he was 3; “Above all, love and positively knowing that my child may have autism but that he would not be autistic.”

I would like to tell doctors: 
“Our children hear you just fine and understand you clearly, but their muscles are sore and their guts are in pain, so it is hard to react in those conditions.  Diet is key—do not doubt it.  Kids do actually recover!  I made some first-hand believers from our ABA at home service.”

I would like to tell other families:  “Early intervention is the key.  Call your local regional center first, then probiotics and GFCF diets can both be purchased at your local markets.  Love your kids and understand they suffer major injuries and pain.  I have hope that most children can recover as Skye has.”

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