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We're a national non-profit organization providing immediate treatment assistance, information and hope to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

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Hope is eternal. Learn the steps to improve the quality of life for an individual with autism.

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370,000 babies are born each day. Explore prenatal questions to ask, early signs to look for and doctors that can help.

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Treatment can change a child’s life. Apply for a medical treatment grant today.

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Answers from the Experts

23 Jul 2014

Supplements: Where to Begin

Mending Autism can be very complicated and the tackling of the subject of supplements for these children can prove to be quite daunting and confusing.... more

22 Jul 2014

Does Your Child Have Too Much Yeast?

Dr. Rachel Fresco addresses your questions about yeast and the benefits of Biocidin!    Listen to the live recording now:    New Caregiving Inter... more

07 Jul 2014

Why Everyone Should be Gluten/Casein & Dairy Free

Jenny, Generation Rescue and I heavily promote a Gluten Free, Casein Free and Dairy Free diet not only for the autistic child but for the whole family... more

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