About Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

What Generation Rescue Can Do For You

We have a number of ways to support families including more than 1,400 volunteer parent mentors (we call them our “Rescue Angels”), a toll-free hotline, programming on autism treatment, a free national conference, virtual and local conferences, a list of recommended physicians, and medical grants for families who cannot afford critical treatments such as doctor visits, lab testing and nutritional counseling.

We provide hope and the following programs & services:

RESCUE ANGELS are the network of over 1,400 parents of children with autism in 48 countries who have seen significant improvement and volunteer their time to answer questions, give guidance, and provide referrals to families in need.

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RESCUE FAMILY GRANTS provide autism treatment to families in financial need for medical assistance. 100% of all grantees have shown improvement with our 90-day program.

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THE AUTISM EDUCATION SUMMIT is the largest U.S. autism conference and provides free access to families to learn about the latest research and therapies from leading scientists and physicians. Opportunities are provided for continuing education for medical professionals, first responders, legal advocates and teachers.

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1-877-98AUTISM is a toll-free hotline provides the opportunity to connect with people who care and can provide guidance and education on autism  treatment options, and referrals for service providers approved by Generation Rescue.