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We welcomed Rowena Salas, Samir Patel, and Donnie Wahlberg to Generation Rescue's Board of Directors. 


New Partnerships

This year we created new partnerships with Master Supplements, Well Amy, Uniform Advantage, The Angelica Collection, The Autism Nutrition Research Center, intelliBED, ROXO, and ionCleanse.



GRANT PROGRAM During 2014, 78 individuals around the country received a 90-day autism treatment grant to improve their quality of life. Each grant recipient received:


  • 2 doctor visits
  • Lab testing
  • Dietary intervention training
  • Auditory processing therapy
  • Vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • A parent mentor

Each individual is monitored and tracked using the Autism Evaluation Treatment Checklist for progress. Generation Rescue’s grant recipients have shown an average improvement of 34% overall in the following areas:

  • Speech, Language, Communication
  • Socialization
  • Sensory, Cognitive Awareness
  • Health, Physical, Behaviors

This translates to more children being school ready, sleeping through the night, less need for an aide in the classroom, words spoken for the first time and less autistic behaviors like stimming, tip toe walking and hand flapping.

The cost of each Rescue Family Grant is $2,500.


The most progress I have seen is in play skills, he used to be terrified of swings but now at the playground he goes right to them and requests to swing.
His Occupational Therapist spent close to a year trying to get him on a swing and it just never happened. He just seems to be more aware of everything and wants to do more, like talk, play and feed himself. I feel like I am finally getting my baby boy back!
- Robyn, Mom to Dylan


I have seen dramatic results in our son. He had a stimming behavior where he would clap and cross his eyes constantly, this behavior has stopped completely! Also the repetitive behaviors have disappeared! I am so thankful that I have this opportunity.
- Jillian, Mom to Anthony


THE AUTISM EDUCATION SUMMIT is the largest U.S. autism conference and provides free access to families to learn about the latest research and therapies from leading scientists and physicians. Opportunities are provided for continuing education for medical professionals, first responders, legal advocates and teachers.

Recruited leading physicians from around the country to educate parents including:


  • Sidney Baker, M.D. former faculty member of Yale Medical School and author of Detoxification and Healing, Child Behavior (with Ilg and Ames), We Band of Mothers: Autism, My Son & the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with Judith Chinitz, and Autism: Effective Biomed. 
  • Educated over 600 attendees on topics ranging from adults & adolescents with autism, seizures, the brain gut connection to how to implement applied behavioral analysis and biomedical treatment.
  • Provided online streaming for parents at home who could not attend the conference.


RESCUE ANGELS – our 1,400 parent mentors are guiding other families affected by autism in more than 48 countries around the world. Interaction occurs daily and helps provide support and hope.

1-877-98AUTISM HOTLINE – our trained staff have answered more than 900 phone calls from families needing immediate assistance. Questions range from finding a psychologist for an autism evaluation, how to apply for Medicaid, where to find a behavioral therapist in their community to where to find a doctor who treats the underlying symptoms of Autism.

WEBSITE has been accessed by over 1,000,000 this year seeking our information tools designed to provide guidance on autism, support for those in need, education on treatment options and referrals for service providers approved by Generation Rescue. In addition, our blog has featured more than 140 articles by leading autism physicians such as Dr. Jerry Kartzinel to nutritionists to current news updates on autism.

INFORMATION EMAIL – our trained staff respond to over 1,155 emails daily from parents seeking advice, recommendations or referrals on autism support services


Fundraisers For Families

7th Annual Rescue Our Angels Cocktail Party & Silent Auction
Chicago, IL - May 9, 2014

Hops for Hope
Marin County, CA - May 17, 2014

3rd Annual Rock The Spectrum
Branson, MO - September 5, 2014




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