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Treatment: Generation Rescue Action Plan

Generation Rescue provides the following for informational purposes only. We are not Doctors and this is not medical advice. Any treatment program for your child should only be done with the supervision of an informed and qualified doctor. If you contact us, we will not provide any guidance or answer any question related to treatment because we can't.
We would recommend reviewing our section titled What's Biomedical Treatment? before reading the Action Plan. If you feel your child would benefit from treatment, we would recommend the following actions to get you started.. Several of these steps can be taken before the first doctor's appointment. It may seem like a bewildering array of steps and supplements, but once you get started and see improvements in your child, everything begins to make sense.
Can Begin Right Away
1. Read. We'd recommend starting with the book Children with Starving Brains, by Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D., a well-known DAN! Doctor. Also consider Dr. Amy Yasko's book, The Puzzle of Autism: Putting it All Together. Also, read the testimonials section of our website, to hear from other parents who have had success with biomedical intervention. In our media section, the first group of articles all discuss biomedical intervention.
2. Make an appointment with a DAN! Doctor. DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) is an organization founded by the Autism Research Institute. DAN! Doctors are focused on treating autism and other neurodevlopmental issues biomedically. It is important to point out that DAN! Doctors are typically classically trained medical doctors who apply their training to treat autism medically. Please note that it may be 2-3 months with some doctors before you are able to get an appointment. For a list of DAN! Doctors, please click for domestic or international doctors.
3. Contact a Rescue Angel in your area. Generation Rescue has organized a volunteer organization of Rescue Angels. These parents are treating their own children biomedically and are eager to share their experience and contacts to help you get started. Please check out our Rescue Angels section to find a Rescue Angel in your general vicinity.
4. Join a discussion group. Web-based discussion groups for parents provide an incredible amount of information and a support. Three well-known discussion groups on Yahoo include: Autism-Mercury, chelatingkids2, and ABMD. To find a group, go to Yahoo's Home Page, click on "Groups" and type in one of the Group names in the search field.
5. Go to a Conference. DAN! typically holds two conferences per year, a Fall conference on the West Coast and a Spring conference on the East Coast. Learn more at: Also, Autism One holds a great once a year conference, typically in May in Chicago. Go to: for more information.

Consider altering your child's diet. Casein (dairy) and Gluten (wheat) are the most common allergens for children with mercury poisoning. Anecdotally, it seems more parents notice an immediate difference in behavior after the removal of dairy from their child's diet. It is important to remove foods slowly to ascertain which food removal created improvement. Additionally, it is important to remove as many trans fatty acids, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, and sugar as you can do. The more healthy and organic your child's diet, the lower the toxic load on their system. Great discussion group for parents with children on the "GFCF" diet is GFCFKids.

See also Autism Diets and the book "Nourishing Hope for Autism".

7. Remove as many toxins from your house as possible. Consult What's Biomedical Treatment? for further details. Many household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, etc. are very toxic for children and should be removed from your house wherever possible.

Put your child on a balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement. A number of companies make balanced supplements for children with NDs. We encourage you to talk to other parents to see which products they are using for their children. Some of the better-known supplement companies include Kirkman Labs, Brainchild Nutritionals, HolisticHeal, ASD Market, Our Kids, Syndion and Awaken Nutrition.

For one stop shopping find all your supplement needs at


Add cod liver oil to your child's juice. Cod Liver Oil is a critical source of Vitamin A. Many parents notice immediate improvements in eye contact and calmness after adding Cod Liver Oil to their child's regiment. We would recommend Nordic Naturals Orange Flavored Cod Liver Oil. It can be mixed in juice along with vitamins and minerals and has a mild orange flavor. Dosing is typically 1 teaspoon 1x per day with small children and 1 teaspoon 2x per day with larger children.

10. Add a probiotic. Probiotics are natural supplements that provide the stomach with "good" gut flora. The most well know probiotic is Acidophilus. Most children benefit from daily supplementation with probiotics. Four well-know probiotics include Pro-Bio Gold from Kirkman Labs, Threelac, and VSL3. Probiotics are typically given with meals and capsules can be broken open and served in apple sauce or fruit juice for children who can't swallow pills.
11. Add a digestive enzyme. Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down foods, which can help eliminate large proteins gaining access to the blood stream. Two widely used enzymes to consider are Peptizyde from Houston Nutraceuticals and Enzyme Complete/DPP IV from Kirkman Labs. Digestive enzymes should be taken right before each meal.
12. Add colostrum. Colostrum is a natural supplement that provides many gut-healing and immune-system boosting properties. A popular, dairy-free colostrum we recommend is Colostrum Gold from Kirkman Labs. Colostrum can be given with juice 1/2 teaspoon, 2x per day, depending on weight.
13. Begin to detoxify naturally. There are many ways to detoxify naturally that will help start to bring your child's toxic load down in advance of chelation. (Parents may choose to combine a, b, and c, or a, b, and d.):
a. Epsom Salt Baths. These baths can be given every day. Add 2-3 cups of Epsom Salts (purchased in any drug store) to a bath and have your child bathe for a minimum of 15 minutes. The Epsom Salts will provide Magnesium (calming) and help the methylation cycle (by which we excrete toxins).
b. Lipoceutical Glutathione. Glutathione is the body's most potent and important anti-oxidant. Lipoceutical Glutathione is a liquid in a bottle that appears to be well absorbed by the body. You can purchase Lipoceutical Glutathione over-the-counter from Wellness Pharmacy: 1-800-227-2627. Dosing instructions are included with the bottle. Many parents report immediate improvement after introducing Lipoceutical Glutathione. Please note that the product is best given by itself in a small amount of fruit juice or water.
c. Natural Cellular Defense. This product is made from zeolites and claims to be highly effective at removing heavy metals. More can be learned at: There is a discussion group for parents using Natural Cellular Defense here.

NDF Plus. NDF Plus is an all-natural over-the-counter product for the removal of heavy metals and chemicals. Some parents use NDF Plus alone to remove heavy metals from their children's body. There is a discussion group for parents using NDF Plus here. For more information go to: or visit BioRay’s Kids Corner at

e. PCA-RX. PCA-RX is also an all-natural over-the-counter product for heavy metal removal. Most parents would typically used NDF Plus or PCA-RX, but not both together. For more information contact Their website provides specific treatment information for autism.
14. Consider RNA Drops. RNA drops, developed by Dr. Amy Yasko, appear to provide support to a variety of physiological issues. Dr. Yasko's drops are sold at Parents typically use the following drops as "core" treatment drops: Health Foundation, Stress Foundation, and Nerve Calm. Learn more through her website, Holistic Health, and her parent discussion group.
To Discuss With Your Doctor
15. Additional Essential Vitamins and Minerals through blood, urine, and stool testing, your doctor can ascertain what specific additional supplements your child may be deficient in as a result of the multiple toxic effects in the body from mercury. These could include additional vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and amino acids.
16. Methyl Donors. These special supplements are important for repairing the methylation pathways, the routes of cell communication that are impaired by mercury toxicity. These supplements include Glutathione, Methyl-B12 (typically administered subcutaneously), Folinic Acid, Betaine (Trimethylglycine or TMG), DMG, and SAM-e. Methly-B12 is receiving a lot of positive feedback from parents, and more information on this treatment protocol can be found at
17. Chelation. Chelation will specifically remove the mercury and other toxic metals from the body. While there are many supplements listed here, what is most important is to remove the toxic metals from your child's body. When the metals are removed, the body has a chance to return to normal balance and health. Neurological, behavioral, and physiological symptoms typically resolve or improve after chelation, which may take 12-24 months.
18. Other ways to detoxify. Some doctors use and/or recommend other methods of detoxification including homeopathy, infrared sauna therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, exercise, magnetic beds, herbal teas, and many more.
19. Learn and fight. The information contained in this website will give you information to combat the inevitable resistance you will experience from your family, friends, social workers, teachers, therapists, and doctors. It is important to find a primary doctor who understands the true cause of your child's condition to help insulate you from the drumbeat of ignorance that conventional wisdom currently presents. You are your child's primary advocate -- best of luck!
Please note: Any product recommendations made by Generation Rescue are made solely at our discretion; we have no relationships with any supplement companies or other providers of products or services.
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