ADHD: An Overview


for Generation Rescue
by Teresa Binstock
June 2008


Table of Contents

Many of the following webpages present mildly annotated bibliographies of citations and abstracts from peer-reviewed medical literature. A smattering of relevant websites is also included.

Internet Groups for Parents of ADHD children and for Adults with ADHD


ADHD in adults

Comorbidities in Children: Syndromes associated with ADHD in children

Comorbidities in Adults: Syndromes associated with ADHD in adults

Etiologies and models: Are AD and ADHD primarily genetic in origin, or are these syndromes best understood as an interplay between genes & environmental factors?

Genes and Environment: Various environmental factors are associated with ADHD. Researchers who focus upon the interplay between genes and environment have made important discoveries.

Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, and other Pollutants are associated with AD and ADHD.

Mitochondria: Is mitochondria dysfunction etiologically significant in at least some individuals with AD or ADHD?

Oxidative stress: Preliminary evidence suggests that elevated oxidative stress is present in at least some individuals with ADHD and that elevated oxidative stress may be treatable.

Inter-individual variance in response to pollutants: Given similar exposures to pollutants, why do individuals differ in their responses to pollutants?

Treatments: No single treatment - be it pharmaceutical or alternative - helps all individuals with AD or ADHD. As with comorbities and responses to pollutants, so too with treatments: inter-individual differences can be instructive regarding therapies that may or may not be helpful for specific individuals.

Mothers of Children Diagnosed With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Health Conditions and Medical Care Utilization in Periods Before and After Birth of the Child

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children
Excess Costs Before and After Initial Diagnosis and Treatment Cost Differences by Ethnicity

Health Care Use and Costs for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
National Estimates From the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Additional topics will be added from time to time

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