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Support Generation Rescue's Shopping Affiliates by purchasing items from our supporters. Each vendor generously donates a minimum of $2,500 a year, plus a percentage of their sales to Generation Rescue's programs and services for families.


When purchasing please put GR in the directions section on PayPal.

Soothing Snugglers Therapeutic Hot & Cold Packs, handmade in Boulder, Colorado, are fantastic comfort accessories for kids and adults alike. Drape a nice warm or cool weighted Snuggler made from super-soft, baffled fleece fabric and filled with all-natural millet (fragrance-free or aromatherapy) on necks, backs, laps - anywhere or anyone that needs a hug!


Dervla Wyley is a T.B.M. (Total Body Modification) qualified Practitioner and Reiki/Seichem Practitioner/Teacher. After completing Reiki in 2007, she started painting with oils and has completed two collections since. Dervla currently resides in Dublin, Ireland where she runs a Holistic Practice and runs Art Therapy Workshops. Her collection can be found on her website at www.dervlawyley.com, and a portion of each sale is donated to Generation Rescue.

Biomedical Therapies

Heavenly Heat has built safe saunas for children and the chemically-ill for over 20 years. Our safety features include: all-poplar construction; no wood glue; no wood coatings; lower electro-magnetic fields; a constant air-change; and parental control of your child’s infrared energy exposure. Child usage protocols are supplied with each sauna. Built in the USA like no others -- the safest saunas made. For more information please visit: www.heavenlyheatsaunas.com.


A comical, whimsical book about living in the world of Autism.

Written by Kim W. Tolbert
Illustrated by May Artt

A time less poem formatted story with a coloring book in the back. It can be enjoyed again and again by everyone.


Welcome to JuneBee Baby's unique world of infant and toddler clothes hand crafted with 100% natural fibers! Specializing in modern heirloom baby clothing (newborn to 3T), our alluring collection features selected sweaters, dresses, cardigans, rompers, christening sets, blankets, hats and booties designed with an authentic touch and made for perfection with the finest natural fibers of cotton, bamboo, wool and cashmere.

When purchasing at our online store (www.junebeebaby.com), please enter the code GR15 for a special 15% discount on our entire stock including items on sale!


Food and Drink

Grape Surfer sells wine and donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. Enjoy a bottle of cabernet, merlot, pinot noir or other favorites and help Generation Rescue at the same time! For more information or to purchase wine, visit grapesurfer.com/generation.

Health and Beauty

Bye Bye Products are organic, non-toxic and fun for the whole family.

Natures Paradise manufatures USDA Certified Organic skin care that is also 100% Gluten Free, 100% Dairy Free, 100% Wheat Free, Nut Free and 100% Vegan. The safest personal care products for the whole family and especially for children with sensitive skin. Because you have visited Generation Rescue you can save 25% OFF, just enter the discount code "grescue" upon checkout. To take a look at all of their products visit http://www.naturesparadiseorganics.com/organicbabyproducts.html.

House and Home

What if your bed could actively contribute to your health, not just lie there?

Nature solved this problem a long time ago. It's called Omni-Pendulum or "Floating Motion." Scientific studies show many benefits of rocking. But not all motion is equal; Floating Motion is ideal (a gentle, gliding upward arc, under one axis). The Floating Bed is designed for maximum benefits, not just for looks. Most importantly, it feels really great. You feel almost weightless, as if you are floating."


Show your support of Autism Awareness and Generation Rescue by wearing or sharing these beautiful dichroic glass necklaces, earrings, lapel pins, wine bottle stoppers and more! These unique glass pieces are handmade in San Luis Obispo County, CA by glass artist Janine Stillman. To view these items and make your purchase go to http://www.designsbyja9.com/jewelry/autismawareness/puzzlepieces.html and be sure to choose Generation Rescue as the benefactor of your donation upon check-out.


The Acoustic for Autism Compilation is a collection of songs conveying themes of healing and hope. All profits will benefit Generation Rescue and will be utilized for autism research, awareness, and care.

To purchase the CD please visit their Amazon page.

As heard on terrestrial and internet radio, all profits from CD sales of William Funk's "The Veronica Sessions" are going directly to Generation Rescue. For information on how the artist was inspired to create again after a multiple year absence from the music scene, please visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/williamfunk3. Also, please be sure to visit the dedication page for a special message to the Autistic boy who helped the artist regain his vision as well as the music video for "Alexander" here.

The Flutterbys' 20-song original CD is titled "Jungle Jam", reflecting its many delightful animal songs, including the soon-to-be-classic "A Cow Who Likes To Whistle" (a finalist in the 2009 International Songwriting Contest), which features special guest performances by Oscar-nominated actress Piper Laurie, folk-swing icon Dan Hicks , Al "Year-Of-The-Cat" Stewart, and award-winning whistler & voice artist (the "voice" of Woodstock in the Emmy-nominated Peanuts cartoon, "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown"), Jason Victor Serinus!

Kresleigh Hedrick is 10 years old and has a close friend with Autism. She created her CD "Kresleigh Goes Broadway", to help spread autism awareness and her love for music. Half of the proceeds raised from her CD will be donated to help families with autism. For more information on how to buy the CD please visit her website at kresleighhedrick.weebly.com.

Therapists, Teachers, and Parents have described the CD created by Kidz Town Rock to be a valuable tool for helping kids of all ages learn and generalize various social skills. The songs are educational, energetic, and a lot of fun to dance to! Go to www.kidztownrock.com to give the songs a listen to, as well as to purchase a CD. 15% of all proceeds will go to Generation Rescue.

Vitamins & Supplements

ALKA-V6™ is a 100% natural dietary mineral supplement that has been proven to Significantly Raise Glutathione Levels and Decrease Oxidative Stress at a Major Research University. The Proprietary Composition of ALKA-V6™, which is High in Alkalinity and High in Oxygen Concentration, makes it a unique and valuable tool in helping recover your child. TDP Global Health & Wellness www.globalhealth1.com is proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to Generation Rescue and its founders are parents of a child that is recovered from Autism. See the Video/Read the Article here.

At Autism-supplements.com we understand first hand how difficult it is to raise an autistic child and we want to help parents make the right decisions for their childrens nutritional needs. We have developed our site to be an informative, educational and a non-biased shopping experience that we hope will provide amazing values to those who need it most. We are here to help the cause and will do everything we can to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices and we're proud to be donating a portion of our proceeds to a great organization like Generation Rescue. Please take a look at our products at http://autism-supplements.com/supplementsforautism.

A distributor of quality nutritional & dietary supplements for people with special healthcare needs. Our customers include individuals, hospitals, wholesalers, healthcare centers and healthcare professionals around the world. All supplements distributed by Spectrum Supplements, Inc. are manufactured by our suppliers exclusively in the USA or Canada to ensure the highest quality. Since 2004, our goal has been to provide you with a convenient, reliable ONE STOP SHOP for your supplement needs.

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