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Sommer Slosson
Recovery Story
No eye contact, non-verbal, stimmed all the time (to the point of hurting himself), head banging, sensory issues
Formal Diagnosis:
Severe expressive-receptive language disorder, possibly autistic, sensory processing disorder.
Helpful Therapies:
Nutrigenomic protocol by Dr. Amy Yasko, GF/CF. Speech and occupational therapies helped some but always keep in mind that any therapy not addressing internal imbalances only assist in better functioning- they don't recover!
Helpful Clinicians:
Dr. Amy Yasko, Dr. Charles Hamel (Arlington, TX), Dr. Pierre Robert (Grapevine, TX)
Lost diagnosis (months):
Genetics (have confirmed via Dr. Amy Yasko), my autoimmune issues, vaccines, medical treatment due to Croup
What Happened:
At 22 mos, Zane's possibly autism was suggested to me by an honest (and therefore loving!) neighbor who'd known Zane since birth and who had knowledge of autism. I asked her to explain because I knew nothing about autism, and after describing what she knew, all of Zane's oddities and the idiosyncracies he'd increasingly exhibited flew to the forefront of my mind like a tidal wave- it all made sense. My research began that day and I had him into his pediatrician within a few days. Thankfully (and a rare experience, I later learned), the dr agreed there were "red flags," and referred us to a speech therapist. Speech therapists can't diagnose autism, but did agree about the autism red flags, and cited Severe Expressive-Receptive Language Disorder. Occupational therapy was soon added to the agenda and by the grace of God, a friend shared with me her knowledge of Dr. Amy Yasko and the reality of recovery. My heart raced for two days because it was the first real bit of hope I'd had in the whole experience thus far, having repeatedly read in my research the dim outlook of merely hoped-for/not-promised, extremely limited future of my first and long-anticipated child. My heart had been ripped out and I had a piece back, and I was running like hell to that light of hope! Still running, light is brighter and the horizon is widening. ;)
Hang in there