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The following Rescue Angels were found:
Sarah Jean Johnson
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Did not acknowledge us Shown signs of being deaf Symptoms continued to get worse the older he got. Would not eat anything (no food) and would intake a huge quanity of milk-shown massive signs of being addicted to milk from a really young age. High behaviors (screaming, hitting, meltdowns). High sensitivity (eyes, ears, touch, taste). Spoke first understandable word around the age of 3.
Helpful Therapies: Bio-medical intervention (supplements, blood work to pin point why he was sick). Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Early Intervention from school district.
Strengths: I understand the educational side of Autism. I have my master's in Special Education and help run a center-based DCD program within my area for middle-school students. I am becoming more knowledgeable about interventions for our younger generation of kids now that I am working with my own son within these areas.
Velvet Fehrenbach
[email protected]Child's Symptons: No eye contact, unable to speak, inappropriate play with toys, inability to bond with family, sensitivity to touch and sounds, fascination with "odd" things, didn't answer to name, indifference to pain, spinning without getting dizzy, "tantrums", delayed growth milestones, high bilirubin levels at birth (he was re-hospitalized after being home for several days), seemed to be in distress after breast-feeding (screaming, thrashing). Inability to recover from constant upper respiratory infections. Would develop cellulitis from mosquitoe bites several times every summer.
Helpful Therapies: Gluten free casein free (GFCF) diet, methyl-B12 injections, chelation therapy, colloidal mineral supplements, berry frutol, thera-biotic complete, supernu-thera, removal of enlarged adenoids, playdates with easy-going kids, regular classroom setting with aide, regular therapy (OT, PT, speech)
Strengths: I am a good speaker with what I consider to be a good sense of humor. I have four children, my third is on the spectrum, so I know where parents of "normal" children are coming from. I am open minded, and I would give my life for any one of my children; I actually feel that I am. It isn't easy balancing the needs of four kids and pursuing the dream of making sure they all have happy, healthy lives, but I feel in my heart that it is worth the work. I know my son was given to me for a reason; I know I discovered the diet for a reason; I know I trusted myself after a while more than I trusted any doctor for a reason. I tend to be a bit of a skeptic, but I know I'm being led down this road for a reason. Maybe this is it.
Lucy Sigler
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Lost speech and concentration at 18months-after immunizations, had issues digesting food
Helpful Therapies: Gluten Free diary free diet and Speech Occupational therapy
Strengths: As an educator I feel very qualified, I alslo have done a lot of research on diet-vs-autism
Lori Frederick
Broken Arrow
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Originally loss of eye contact, no speech, no interactive play.
Helpful Therapies: Between biomedical therapies (chelation and gluten free casein free diet) and the SON-RISE program our little boy is coming back to us one day at a time
Strengths: Communicating with others about the Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet and play therapy from the SON RISE program.
[email protected]Child's Symptons: He was obsessed with spinning objects, lining up toys, flapping of his hands, no eye contact, screaming around people, and very limited diet.
Helpful Therapies: ABA, ST, and OT
Strengths: I feel knowledgeable in borderline ASD that's where my son was diagnosed.
Angela Cindrick
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Self injury behavior (hand biting), non-verbal, seizures, cerebral palsay, autism with PDD, severe-profound mr, twirling, just started walking 2 years ago, has to bite or put everything in her mouth, trouble eating meats, constipation, reflux, --on and on..
Helpful Therapies: PT and OT, ST just started working with a communication board this year so mad
Strengths: All of them, I have clients with autism children from asperger's to PDD, and profound autism
Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra
Chapel Hill
[email protected]Child's Symptons: No speech, no eye contact, detached, stimming, poor eater and underweight.
Helpful Therapies: DAN! Protocol, HBOT, VB/ABA, OT, Speech
Strengths: General autism - both educational as well as biomedical approach. I am a believer that if your stomach hurts, then your head hurts.
Michele Baldori
[email protected]Child's Symptons: High Functioning Autism, OCD, Food Allergies, Oxidative Stress Damage, Mitochodrial Disfunction, Language Delay, Social Delays, Toe Walking, Hand Flapping, Sensory Issues, Heavy Metal Toxicity
Helpful Therapies: Gluten Free Casein Free diet as well as other diet interventions, MB12 Shots, Supplements, Chelation
Strengths: I have a pretty good knowledge base about the testing and treatments involved in Biomedical Intervention. I am also well educated on the disorder because of my degree in Child Development as well as my experience in the Childcare setting.
Kevin McNaught
Crescent City
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Toe walking, hand flapping, lining up toys, visual stems, no eye contact, non verbal.
Helpful Therapies: MB12, Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet, Hyperbaric
Strengths: Diet, Biomedical treatments
Susan Kovach-Groves
Edgecliff Village
[email protected]Child's Symptons: SID, GI problems, Non-verbal, Tantrum's, Stimming, Food Allergies, Fatigue
Helpful Therapies: Bio-medical, gluten free casein free, MB12, ABA, PT, OT, Speech - Will be doing: Chelation and CranioSacral Therapy
Strengths: I am still learning - I can share my knowledge of ABA/Floortime/Speech and the importance of OT. GFCF - Food Allergies.
Tom and Polly Ellison
Egg Harbor Township
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Stimming, Repetitive Behavior, Diarrhea, Meltdowns, No Speech or Eye Contact, No Social Skills
Helpful Therapies: Diet, Supplements, GI Medicine, MB12 Shots, Mild HBOT
Strengths: Biomedical
Sara Alicie
Fort Drum
[email protected]Child's Symptons: She was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, It is on the autism spectrum
Helpful Therapies: Early Intervention from 13 months on, Speech, OT, PT, and special ed, plus went to special Autism Preschool
Strengths: PDD- NOS , Sensory Issues.
Heather Vitella
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Low muscle tone, delayed and impaired gross motor, sensory, fine motor, speech. High levels of anxiety, headaches, eye pain, cognitive processing problems. Serious loose stools, vomiting, gagging.
Helpful Therapies: Elimination of gluten, dairy, soy. Fish Oil. ABA/Speech/Gross/Fine/Sensory Therapy. Holistic approach to life including laughter, prayer and peace.
Strengths: Diet and development of kid-friendly food that is gluten free casein free soy free. Online and journal research. Methodical identification of source of symptoms. How to manage all of this if you can't afford a DAN! doctor.
Christy Naselli
Gen Mills
[email protected]Child's Symptons: PDD-NOS anxiety, stimming, rigidness, poor fine motor skills.
Helpful Therapies: Diet change, suppplements, enzymes, treatment for PANDAS, nystatin, Tomatis, OT, sensory diet
Strengths: I've researched and read a lot! I've been to a Defeat Autism Now conference and another autism conference, and have met with three Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) doctors. My son has responded so well in such a short period of time on a biomedical protocol and I'm excited to share our good results. I'm a good listener without forcing my opinions or views on anyone. My son regressed after vaccinations and I understand that some parents don't want to hear or believe that. I respect everyone's opinions and know that every parent has their child's best interest at heart. I have worked closely along side my husband for the past 14 years with Variety- the Children's Charity and am familiar with many disabilities other than autism.
Tamara Spencer
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Sensory, communication, digestive
Helpful Therapies: Gluten Free Casein Free diet (GFCF), supplementation, music, speech and Occupational Therapies
Strengths: Patience, plug people into services and gathering of information for their needs. I love my children and I love to see other children like them enjoying life. I will help in any way possible
Alecia Schaller
[email protected]Child's Symptons: He progressed wonderfully until he received his MMR and chickenpox shots. He totally regressed and lost all speech and started to stim.
Helpful Therapies: Gluten Free Casein Free diet, magnesium and B6, and vitamins, intensive speech and OT
Strengths: I feel I could help educate parents get started on the diet and supplements. Also, I have worked in childcare for over 15 years and I wish I could start a daycare or special needs school in my area because my son and so many others have no school in the area where they can go. Public schools just are not what they need. I live in Kentucky where there are no such schools that exist.
Anne Hartman
[email protected]Child's Symptons: DX PDD-NOS, bowel problems, significant sensory issues, social issues, delayed language, skin rashes, weak immune system (constantly sick), ear infections
Helpful Therapies: Gluten free Casein Free diet, supplements (multi-vitamins, omega, probiotics) epsom salts, aroma therapy, cranial sacral therapy
Strengths: I am a mother to a 5 year old boy on the spectrum and a typical girl aged 2.5. I am very educated on vaccine 'laws' in New York state and can help navigate/refer parents when dealing with school issues. I can also offer advice on starting, implementing and sticking to a GFCF diet. Finally, I am a certified New York State teacher with 9 years experience. I have regular education and special ed. experience along with knowing how to approach CPSE AND CSE meetings so that a child's needs are met. I have sat on both sides of the table as the teacher, the parent and advocate.
Amanda Johnson
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Loss of eye contact, Loss of speech, Became withdrawn from everyone, always in a daze
Helpful Therapies: ABA, Speech Therapy, occupational therapy, developmental intervention, Gluten free Casein free Soy free diet (GFCFSF). Supplements, medications for treating yeast- Bio-medical and Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) protocol
Strengths: ASD
Andrea Damenti
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Pragmatics, Social, Sensory Integration, Fine Motor
Helpful Therapies: Biomedical (Diet & Nutrient Program), Sensory Diet (OT),Speech ("push-in" model), friendship groups (w/typically developing peers, Autism Itinerant services to IEP Team.
Strengths: Navigation of the special education process, partnering with your child's educational team, Sensory Diet, Gluten Free Casein Free Diet.
Michelle Ellinger
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder
Helpful Therapies: Biomedical, OT Still recovering
Lonnie Brickley
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Significant motor issues, poor eye contact, difficulty talking, loss of skills after immunizations, difficulty relating to others, extreme fatigue, constipation, terrible reaction to immunizations, poor immune system
Helpful Therapies: Floortime ABA and medical intervention
Strengths: I am pretty knowledgeable about about biomedical interventions as well as all the services that are out there to help our children. My daughter has worked with a bunch of agencies within MA.
Melanie Dykes
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Major food allergies, dazed look, head banging, tantrums; our son had autistic behaviors due to food allergies and yeast
Helpful Therapies: Change in diet, stop vaccines, multivitamin, probiotic, yeast treatment
Strengths: Changing diet and yeast treatment
Dena Sabou
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Complete loss of language at 1 year of age, following immunizations and the introduction to cow's milk. Preoccupied with lining up toys, rolling cans, non-engaged in any social aspect, toe walking, mild flapping of the arms, no eye contact, no smiles or facial expressions.
Helpful Therapies: Diet: Gluten Free Casein Free Yeast free, (GFCF) SCD,all organic. Bio-medical, anti-fungals and finally MonaVie juice supplement for muscle tone, inflammation and antioxidant properties. Weekly OT/PT, PACT Language program at the University of Michigan. Just starting HBOT and excited about it! Nikolai is ALMOST RECOVERED!
Strengths: I have excellent public speaking abilities, I am personable and very motivated by this cause. I am willing to share and continue researching until I have exhausted all possibilities. It is in my heart to speak out.
Beth Durr
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Non-verbal, gut issues, rashes, aggressive, lack of attention, does not interact, severe sensory dysfunction, and the list goes on.
Helpful Therapies: Diet, meds., speech, OT, PT, DI, and me.
Strengths: Sensory and speech.
Darl Hanna
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Lack of eye contact Loss of speech photo phobic. Auto Immune system disorders
Helpful Therapies: Chelation, Sauna tons of supplements
Strengths: Biomedical and How t o begin the process.
Becca Major
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Severe global developmental delays, sensory seeking, PICA, severe elopement issues
Helpful Therapies: MB-12 injections, Glutathione, Lithium Orotate, DMG, ABA, AVB, Floortime, Speech and OT
Strengths: I have done significant research on all of my son's treatments. I'm very empathetic, yet honest.
Julie Saenz
[email protected]Child's Symptons: No eye contact, lack of speech, flapping, tip-toe walking, not eating, sensory integration dysfunction, the list goes on and on.
Helpful Therapies: Chelation therapy, diet, occupational, speech, developmental therapy
Strengths: All
Shanna Williams
Sabine Pass
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Seizures, OCD, Flapping arms, Speech, aggressive
Helpful Therapies: Gluten Free Casein Free diet (GFCF), Yeast Detox, restoring health using Bio-Medical, ABA, many others and still trying other treatments.
Strengths: Medical
Carisa Ivory
Saint Charles
[email protected]Child's Symptons: PDD-NOS auditory processing, language, speech.
Helpful Therapies: Speech, Defeat Autism Now (DAN!)
Strengths: Autism PDD-NOS, diets, biomedical treatments and an understanding heart.
Carisa Ivory
St. Charles
[email protected]Child's Symptons: PDD-NOS slight autism, language problems, auditory processing, unable to communicate.
Helpful Therapies: Speech Therapy, but only helped slightly.
Strengths: I am very knowledgeable in biomedical treatments and signs and symptoms of autism.
Lisa Renaldo
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Repetitive behaviors, lack of eye contact and affection, no pointing or shared interest in other things and speech delay
Helpful Therapies: Nystatin and yeast therapy, anti-fungal bacterial therapy, MB-12 injections, diet modifications, enzymes, epsom salt baths ANSD educational therapies
Strengths: Biomedical and educational interventions for children with autism. My son was a premature baby as well.
Liz Clingham
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Delayed Speech, repetitive behavior, non compliance, less than typical eye contact, never slept through the night, ate limited foods
Helpful Therapies: ABA, MB12, Secretin, Vitamin Supplements
Strengths: My greatest strength is that I am an extremely committed individual. I don't dabble in things. I manage a health club but really my love has always been teaching classes. The $ is lame for both but the full time gig allows me to feel like I have some type of career. I motivate people daily and am very convincing. My son was diagnosed wtih PDD on 12/20/07. I have spent everyday since trying to better his life by doing it all hardcore and it seems to be working. We do the diet 24/7 plus all the supplements, shots and ABA. I video every session and have finally gotten pretty good at doing it myself.
Cathy Boccino
Tinton Falls
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Leaky gut, dozens of ear infections due to unfound allergies, poor immune system, spaced out look, layed on floor and watched wheels of anything move for hours, overstimulated being around people or change in environment, noise sensitive
Helpful Therapies: MB12, gluten, casein, soy free diet, allergy elimination diet, IV chelation, vitamins, probiotics, diflucan, speech therapy, social skills groups, OT, oxytocin nasal spray, seeing a Defeat Autism Now doctor
Strengths: PDD, Autism, Aspergers
Kelly Haas
[email protected]Child's Symptons: No language, little eye contact, stims, no interest in meaningful play
Helpful Therapies: Diet, chelation, Mb12, IV glutathion, tomatis
Strengths: I am a trained nurse. I have done the diet, so I am a great support for someone starting out
Mary Anne Bush
Wake Forest
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Aggressive behaviors, sleep problems, speech delay
Helpful Therapies: Speech, OT, Vitamins, medication, schedules, social stories, gluten free casein free diet and other biomedical approachers
Strengths: Biomedical, schedules, social stories, gluten free casein free diet
Natalia Ramirez
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Leaky gut and digestion problems, heavy metal toxicity, cognitive and behavioral delays.
Helpful Therapies: Bio medical, Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet with rotation, some behavioral therapy.
Strengths: Diet
Christine Stineman
West Des Moines
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Backward developmental slide after MMR shot, behavioral, social, stims, no eye contact, GI problems, hyperactive
Helpful Therapies: DIET, GI help from Thoughtful House, Dr. Krigsman
Strengths: Diet, diet, diet. Helping work through challenging situations at home with a high functioning child with autism.
Sarah and Robert Parker
West Falls‎
[email protected]Child's Symptons: Autism, Non-verbal, some self-stimming, poor eye contact
Helpful Therapies: Homeopathy, Natural Chelation, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Probiotics, Early Intevention Program
Strengths: Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Probiotics, Homeopathy