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The following Rescue Angel was found:
Rick Sager
Meridian, ID
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: No language / non verbal, out of control tantrums, dimishing # of foods eaten, lack of eye contact, fixation on shiny & spinning objects.
Helpful Therapies: IBI, Developmental Therapy, Food Therapy, Speech, Occupational, Sensory, Floor time, Language devleopment (sign language), social story books.
How Therapy Helped: He/She Recovered!
Strengths: My wife is very knowledgeable in the various types of therapies (i.e. floor time, IBI vs ABA?, and is a social worker. She can direct parents to services available. She also is fantastic at creating social story books, and creating an in home environment conducive to recovery.
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
We were diagnosed and told good luck. Fortunately my wife has education and work experience in social services and knew where to turn to begin recovery. Now our 5 year old is in a typical kindergarten without ANY supports or accomodations. We don't want parents to have to reinvent the wheel like we had to.