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The following Rescue Angels were found:
Cheryl Bailey
Amory, MS
[email protected]
Dana C. Sturdivant
Brandon, MS
[email protected]
Child's Symptoms: Eczema in the beginning was a warning sign not to get live virus from the vaccination's. My doctor ignored these sign's and after his last set of vaccination's struck a 105 fever and lost words within day's of receiving his vaccination's, then he lost his ability to point over the next week. Brennan had severe candida yeast, he couldn't talk anymore, he would continously stimming, jumped on all the furniture, spinning, play with his shadow's, look down at the ground, not look at us, not come to us, stare out the window. He was kidnapped right before our eye's.
Helpful Therapies: Dietary intervention, hyperbaric's hard chamber(really healing to the gut 72 dive's out-of-town)and our favorite and best yet IV EDTA, glutathione, vitamin c (which actually brought his measle titer's down dramatically after 4 iv's) His teacher this year in his pre-k class say's he has 70% more eye contact, we have seen his skin color change with the first IV with glutathione and he tanned for the first time this summer since the vaccine damage. Comprehension is unbelievable since chelation. Hippotherapy is great, we have done listening therapy, Music therapy, ABA therapy, speech therapy, OT therapy, we have done for one year with all meal's digestive enzyme's which really help him to stop cramping everynight. We have seen alot improvement with language with high lysine vs arginine food's to help fight viruses. raw veggie smoothie's with lot's garlic, yummy I know, but lot's of language through this, we dropped the garlic only doing once a month to keep him free of yeast,
How Therapy Helped: Significantly
Strengths: biomedical, diet intervention...I know it upside down inside out....I am actually going back to school currently, so that I can help these children have the chance at recovery.
Why I became a
Rescue Angel:
I would like to encourage and educate familie's that there is alot of hope out there it's just going to take alot of effort's from the parent's and resource's...but they can make a big difference in their child's life and possibly have the chance to recover their child.
Ann Brasher
Crystal Springs, MS
[email protected]
Morgan Weihing
Moss Point, MS
[email protected]
Maranie Adams
Stringer, MS
[email protected]